Sunday, 27 January 2013

Where's the best place to eat in Cardiff? Visit Wales Cardiff city guide

I'm often asked the question "Where's the best place to eat in Cardiff?"

At this point, I normally stutter, stumble, break out into a cold sweat and respond with something like "What kind of thing are you looking for? It really depends what kind of food you like to eat" whilst mentally racing through a shortlist of my favourite gaffs.

In reality, there's a load of places in Cardiff which I love and it's almost impossible to pick a favourite. Depending on whether I'm in the mood for a kebab, curry or something posher, my opinion changes on an hourly basis.

So, here's a little list of 6 awesome places in Cardiff which I pulled together for a Visit Wales Cardiff city guide.

I've also previously pulled together a list of some of my favourite places to eat in Cardiff on the blog here.

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