Sunday, 18 May 2014

The Gutsy Goose, Cathays - Hunt for Cardiff's Best Breakfast

*This restaurant is now closed*

The last time I visited The Gutsy Goose on Crwys Road, I wasn’t completely convinced.

However, yesterday’s brunch visit was a totally different experience.

Well... except for the continued presence of those irksome wooden boards. 

In fact, it was so good that it’s set the benchmark against which I’ll compare all other breakfasts in Cardiff. 

The Gutsy Goose’s comprehensive brunch menu includes fry-ups, eggs Benedict, American style pancakes and steak & eggs amongst others.

Breakfast 1 – The Traditional Welsh Breakfast 

The price - £6

Pros – Uber-thick bacon, a top quality and not too herby banger, beans in a separate pot (anyone else have an issue with ‘em making the rest of the stuff on the plate soggy?), a guilty-pleasure hash brown and a good wedge of black pudding.

Cons – Being pedantic, I’d have liked to have had the option to choose white toast instead of wholemeal.

Breakfast 2 – Eggs Royale

The Price - £6

Pros – A pair of impeccably runny poached eggs, freshly toasted muffins, silky and buttery hollandaise and a liberal portion of smoked salmon.

Cons – The hollandaise was a touch too tepid and… don’t get me started on the wooden board.

Beverages – A perfect freshly squeezed orange juice (£2.50) was exactly as described. However, if you’re in need of a hair of the dog then you can knock yourself out with a Bloody Mary or a Bucks Fizz. 

Verdict – Excellent quality and a very well priced, it’s going to take some discipline for me to not call off the search for Cardiff’s best breakfast.

The details:
Address - 145 Crwys Road, Cardiff, CF24 4NH


  1. Agreed, possibly the best breakfast in Cardiff that I've had. Quality bacon and sausage - no weapons grade bangers here.

    1. @Drinking White - Ha ha! Love the phrase "weapons grade banger."

  2. Try the Indian style-full English at "The Bombay Cafe" in the Bay - excellent

  3. Those pots never offer enough beans in a breakfast and are just awkward in getting a scoop. You obviously haven't discovered the Sasuage Dam. You need beans for moisture in a brekky and you shouldn't have to rely on condiments. Take Thé Pot, they don't even offer beans which is just sacrilege. MORE BEANS FOR EVERYONE!

    1. Ah, the sausage dam - one of the greatest architectural innovations in breakfast history. I agree that beans are key... but it's a tightrope between success and bean catastrophe.

  4. The Bombay cafe's 'Full Bombay' is hands down the best breakfast.

  5. I've had dinner and breakfast here and definitely preferred the breakfast too. When I went with my boyfriend we ordered exactly the same as you! The eggs Benedict were great and I was lucky enough to get mine served on a normal white plate so didn't have to put up with this strange board thing they have going on!

    1. @Nina - Great minds and all! A normal white plate... jealous :-)

  6. Try the eggs benedict for brunch at Salt down the bay...