Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Zaitoon - Rawang Burger Bakar, Roath, Cardiff - Searching for Cardiff's best burger

Zaitoon on Albany Road has been mentioned a number of times in my search for Cardiff’s best burger.

Their burgers are branded as Rawang Burger Bakar (RBB), seemingly the only branch of a 50-strong Malaysian burger chain to be located outside of its home territory.

What else did a browse of Zaitoon’s menu tell me?

Well, RBB burgers are cooked over charcoal, are typically served with a dollop of sweet chilli sauce and include curious options like the Bombastic, a beef burger served in black pepper sauce, and the Isabella, a homemade chicken and prawn burger.

The Burger – The RBB Special

1. How was the patty? A pair of homemade beef patties with a good lick of char from the flame grill. One was served medium and the other well done; consequently one was nicely juicy and the other a bit dry. The patties were also packed with herbs, meaning the flavour of the meat was a little recessive.

2. How was the bun A soft, toasted white bun hit the right ratio of patty to bread.

3. How was the other stuff in the bun? Pretty much on the nail – shredded iceberg, richness penetrating gherkins, finely sliced red onion and tomatoes, and oozy American-style cheese. The only anomaly, a dollop of sweet chilli sauce which actually sort of worked.

4. How were the fries? Crisp, out of the bag, kebab shop style chips – they did the job.

5. What was the price? £6.50 including the fries

6. How was the service? Order at the counter, and wait for your order to be cooked. It’s not waiter service.

7. How was the other stuff? The burgers were accompanied by a good selection of sauces – mayo, ketchup, bbq sauce and a potent chilli sauce.

8. So what's the verdict? Zaitoon's burgers definitely hit the spot; to be exact, a Burger King / Maccy D-type junk food spot. Next time, I'm in the mood for a Whopper or a Big Mac, I'll be giving Zaitoon another go. 

The Details:

*Update - 16/06/2018 - this restaurant is now closed*

Address - Zaitoon, 123 Albany Road, Roath, Cardiff, CF24 3NS
Telephone - 02920 196063

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