Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Gregg's Moment, Newcastle Coffee Shop, Review

Gregg’s Moment is a new concept from Gregg’s the bakers. Supposedly it’s taken the Gregg’s brand and transplanted it into a sophisticated British coffee shop .They’ve drafted in highly regarded interior designer Philip Watts and have even had The Guardian bigging them up.

Despite all the fanfare, Gregg’s Moment is rubbish.

The simply designed exterior hoardings provide no hint of the supposed sophistication which lies in store. It’s just as well because the interior is equally disappointing. Somehow the solitary press photo on The Guardian website has managed to give the impression that Gregg’s Moment is pretty chic. In fact there’s very little save for the odd flying duck on the wall or occasional bowler hat light fitting that sets it apart from any other branch of Nerocostabucks.

But what of the coffee?

Ironically it took a Gregg’s eternity to get to the front of the queue to find out. When I finally reached the front I was given the happy news that the card machine wasn’t working. So off I went to get some cash. Finally when I’d placed my order it took an age for my drink to be served. Not a good start.

A litany of other things then hacked me off –

A)     I asked for a glass of tap water to go with my cup of coffee. I was informed they don’t serve tap water. I asked whether they had a tap and was met with a blank stare. Epic fail in my book. Certainly not as good as not as good as Nerocostabucks.
B)      The cup of coffee I drank tasted pretty acrid. Not as good as Nerocostabucks.
C)      The food they serve is largely overpriced. The secret to Gregg’s world takeover is their pricing. £2.95 for an 8cmx8cm chicken and chorizo ciabatta (using what looked like Gregg’s regular ingredients) would make most regular Gregg’s customers baulk (that includes me).

I’m never going back to Gregg’s Moment under any circumstances.......unless they start selling cheese savoury stotties. 

The details:
Greggs Moment, Northumberland St. Newcastle NE1 7PG


  1. Refused a glass of water in Greggs belfast despite needing urgent medication