Saturday, 4 May 2013

Troy, City Road, Cardiff, Turkish restaurant review - The Cardiff Kebab Quest

Compared to the other kebab shops I’ve visited on my quest, Troy is unique.

Firstly, there’s a huge open fire pit dominating the restaurant. Watching the chef cooking kebabs and coordinating service from his seat at the barbecue adds a bit of drama to your meal. It’s a bit like watching dad doing the annual barbecue except this bloke knows what he’s doing.

Secondly, because of Troy’s Turkish roots, the menu is different. Starters of borek and lahmacun, meats including lamb’s liver & grilled quails, and a huge selection of yoghurt based kebabs add to Troy’s broad repetoire.

Whilst I pored over the menu, I necked a bottle of Efes pilsner (£2.80) and munched on a bowl of complimentary pimento stuffed olives.

To start I ordered a plate of tarama (£3.20). Familiarly pink, smooth and delicately fishy , I mopped the huge portion up with a bowl of warm bread.

Shortly after, the kebab followed...

The kebab – Karisik kebab (£10.95)

Meat – A fine selection of adana kofte (lamb kofte), cop sis (lamb shish), kaburga tarak (lamb spare rib) and tavuk kanat (chicken wings). The lamb kofte, well seasoned with parsley and red pepper, and the lamb shish were both very good. However, the charred, crisp, juicy fat of the lamb spare rib and the moreishly juicy chicken wings were the standouts.

Bread – Excellent, warm, dense, sesame seed dotted bread. The only downside is that it’s substantialness meant it was difficult to eat more than a bowlful...

Salad – I love a bit of cabbage with a kebab so the lightly dressed crisp salad of red cabbage, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and onion was on the money.

Sauce – Superb chilli sauce combined the sweetness of red pepper with a mild chilli kick whilst creamy garlic was subtle enough that I had no lingering aftertaste the morning after.

Other – A mound of buttery mixed rice was bob on whilst some mediocre Turkish delight brought with the bill was a nice touch.

Verdict – I may sound like a broken record but Troy is another awesome kebab shop. Such is the quality of the competition, it’s beginning to keep me awake at night deciding which is my favourite kebab shop in Cardiff. Whilst the sauces and salad were up there with the best, my preferences lean towards a less dense flat bread.

The details:

Address - 192 City Road, Cardiff, CF24 3JF
Telephone - 029 2049 9339


  1. glad you've at last experienced the joys of Troy!

  2. Must try Troy - it looks fantastic

  3. Troy is probably my favourite place to eat in Cardiff. I recommend their yoghurt dishes - I like them so much I tried to recreate them on my blog!

    1. @thefreshfresher - Cheers for the tip. I'll check out the yoghurt dishes next time I visit.

  4. You won't find a better kebab in Cardiff. Great little restaurant.