Saturday, 28 February 2015

Cardiff Bakestones Welsh Cakes, Cardiff Central Market

Welsh cakes aren’t all that... right?

Before I moved to Wales I’d never even heard of them.

And, the ones my colleague in work made yesterday were as solid as Jamie Roberts’ biceps and as dry as the Millennium Stadium’s bars after a six nations match.

However, when it comes to warm Welsh cakes fresh off the bakestone, it’s a completely different story.

The toasty, soft raisin-studded cakes with a light dusting of sugar are an absolute joy to behold - a simple yet devastatingly moreish combination.

I’ve previously waxed lyrical about Fabulous Welshcakes in Cardiff Bay but I only recently discovered Cardiff Bakestones in the heart of Cardiff Central Market… it’s taken just five years’ of me living in the city to find out about them.

You can watch the cakes being made before your very eyes before taking your pick from a range of flavours which includes original, chocolate chip, lemon curd and jam-filled.

I normally ask what’s still warm off the bakestone. 

And if you’re lucky it’ll be the chocolate chip variety with gooey pearls of melted chocolate nestled within. 

And the other bonus? They’re an absolute bargain - 30p each or £2.90 for 10.

Do you have any other tips for tip-top Welsh Cakes in Cardiff? If so, let me know and have a lovely St David's Day weekend.

The Details:

Address - Cardiff Bakestones, Cardiff Central Market, Saint Mary Street, Cardiff CF10 1AU


  1. It might sound crazy, but the ones from Greggs are really nice (IMHO), its got a spice in it, prob cinnamon, which although not traditional, does it for me!

    Also Servinis (Italian Welsh gresy spoon) in Wyndham Arcade have some rather nice and big ones made with galcier cherries.

    1. @Rhys - Cheers for the recommendations - I'll check them out. Greggs is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine...

  2. I have to admit I've never tried them before, need to!

    1. @MissLilly - Do it! They're so so so much nicer when they're warm.

  3. Coffee No1 actually do a nice Welsh cake for 50p and the M&S ones aren't too bad.

    1. @Gem - I'll add them to the to eat list :-)

  4. Try the giant Welshcakes from Merthyyr indoor market if you are ever in that area. You won't be disappointed.