Saturday, 18 July 2015

Sunflower & I, Florist / Cafe / Bar, Cardiff Bay review

My first date with Mrs G wasn’t much cop.

Sorry, let me clarify, the company was amazing but the food was pretty pants.

We were supposed to be going to Tayyabs for the best lamb chops in the whole of London but couldn’t be arsed to queue. Instead we ended up at one of Brick Lane’s identikit restaurants. Fortunately, Mrs G didn’t judge me on my choice of limp naan and watery passanda and agreed to go on a second date…

If I had my time again, I’d probably take Mrs G to Sunflower & I in Cardiff Bay.

This hidden gem is arguably the most beautiful cafe/bar/florist in the whole of Cardiff. Oh wait, it’s the only cafe/bar/florist.

The high-ceilinged space is furnished with a cornucopia of flowers, nik naks, a twig tree, eclectic furniture and a baby grand piano.

It’s owned by a Polish couple, a musician and a florist, so there’s often live music on Sundays. When we visited one of the owners was practicing an Italian opera accompanied by an impressively long-necked lute.

Cakes are bought in from a Polish bakery in London. Choux buns, cream and fruit-stuffed pancakes and apple pie all looked delicious.

I opted for a lovely combination of chocolate, cream and coconut with a hint of vodka (£2.50).

Beers are Polish too. A Żywiec pilsner and a Perla honey beer (both £3.90) were both very drinkable. A packet of mushroom and cream flavoured bruschetta (£2.50) channeled the intensity of Campbell’s cream of mushroom soup - addictive.

Sunflower & I is a hidden Cardiff gem. Here's the opening times - go.

The Details

Address - Sunflower & I, 1 Mount Stuart Square, Cardiff CF10 5EE
Web -
Telephone - 029 2048 4211

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