Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Pizza Union, Kings Cross, London restaurant review

Located a few minutes walk from King’s Cross Station, Pizza Union serves Roman style thin and crispy pizzas.

They have a set-up which cannily straddles between fast food joint and full blown restaurant - the interior has an industrial canteen like vibe; the average pizza price weighs in around the £5 mark; and it’s self-service so you collect your order from the counter when a buzzer goes off.

After just a few minutes of waiting our our pizzas were ready.

First of all a word about the pizza base - thin and crisp with a dusting of semolina and a decent chew, it’s a fine example of its type. Combined with a light tomato sauce and good mozzarella, Pizza Union have a quality product.

A vesuvio (£5.50) was topped with a generous amount of pokey pepperoni and fiery green and dried chillies.

A calabria (£5.95) meanwhile combined spicy n’duja sausage with creamy mascarpone and a handful of peppery rocket. 

A manzo (£5.95) was the only average offering - the minced beef topping lacking a little in seasoning. 

For dessert there’s a fridge full of Italian gelato from Kensington’s Oddono’s to choose from. A salted caramel flavour (£2.50) was light, smooth and milky with a good level of salty sweetness. 

The star of the show (and arguably the meal) was a crisp pizza dough ring (£3.25) filled with molten nutella, creamy mascarpone and chocolate chips. As my good friend Gianfranco would put it "Wowee Wow Wow". 

If you’re looking for a quick and good value bite to eat near King's Cross then I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Pizza Union.

The Details

Address - Pizza Union, 246-250 Pentonville Rd, London N1 9JY
Telephone - 020 7278 9425