Saturday, 16 November 2019

Shawarma Laziz, City Road, Cardiff kebab review

With the quality of kebab shops on City Road, the difference between a decent kebab and a great kebab comes down to the minor details; like the fluffiness of the bread and the freshness of the salad.

Thankfully, Shawarma Laziz has it nailed on both counts. In fact, their bread and salad is probably the best I’ve ever had on City Road.

With shawarma in their name, it’s unsurprising where the focus of their menu lies. Chicken and lamb shawarma are available in samoon bread sandwiches (£3 - £3.50), wraps (£3 - £3.50) and plates (£6.50-£7.50). There are also a few shish, falafel, pizzas and fatayer (meat pies) thrown in for good measure. 

Mrs G and I both ordered a plate; a chicken shawarma with two naan bread (£7) for Mrs G and a mixed shawarma with chips and one naan for me (£7.50). Mrs G’s was the clear winner as the pile of chips on my plate meant she had room for a heck of a lot more meat. 

Both types of protein were well seasoned and very tasty - the chicken shavings crisp yet tender and the lamb shreds enjoyably soft.   

Chips were of the standard issue kebab shop variety; out of a freezer bag and into the fryer. They did the job.  

But, it was the bread and salads which were the star of the show. 

A trio of naan breads cooked fresh to order were as fluffy and soft as it gets. 

Impeccably fresh salads included zingy red cabbage, pitted olives, shredded carrot, marinated white cabbage, flat leaf parsley and a hot and sour pickle studded with gherkin and carrot which reminded me of curry house lime pickle. 

On a separate visit I ordered a chicken shawarma sandwich (£3) and this was the best of the bunch. The freshly baked samoon bread pocket was delightfully soft with a delicate chew. And it was stuffed with heaps of meat, fresh salad, and chilli and garlic sauce. 

I’m already a firm fan of Shawarma Laziz - and judging how busy it’s been both times I’ve visited there seem to be plenty of other Cardiffians who are too. In fact, their chicken sandwich is probably one of the tastiest things you can buy in the city for just three quid.

The Details: 

- Shawarma Laziz, 154 City Rd, Cardiff CF24 3DR