Saturday, 9 November 2019

Janet's Authentic Northern Chinese Restaurant, Pontypridd Market

One of the primary reasons I write my blog is to celebrate the best independent restaurants in South Wales; places which otherwise might not get the airtime they deserve.

In the case of Janet’s Authentic Northern Chinese Restaurant in Pontypridd Market I don’t think they need any help.

It’s already been recommended to me countless times by people who live in the area and when we visited at midday on a Saturday lunchtime the compact yet stylish restaurant was already half full. When we left an hour later, it was pretty much a full house. 

Janet’s compact menu focuses on noodles, homemade dim sum, wonton soup and a handful of stir fries. There’s also a few Korean plates thrown in for good measure. 

Dishes were brought out as and when they were ready. This meant our rice dish came separately from our other mains; we didn’t mind but it might not work if you want your carbs served with your protein.

A groaning beef bibimbap (£8.95) saw sticky short grain combined with a mix of well-seasoned vegetables, tender stir fried beef, a runny yolked fried egg and a fiery gochujang based sauce. It mixed together to make a lovely melange of flavours and textures. 

Steamed siu mai (£7.50) were my standout of the meal. Spring onion twanged pork mince studded with sweet plump prawns was loaded into thin wonton cases. I could have happily guzzled a couple of baskets to myself. 

Korean spicy honey chicken (£6.90) was moreish as heck. A mountain of tender chicken pieces were coated in a crisp batter and well-drenched in a fiery, sweet and sticky sauce packed with garlic. 

Sizzling beef with spring onions (£7.50) was just tasty in comparison. Whilst the meat was tender and nicely fragranced with coriander, soy and sesame, the dish lacked sizzle and the meat tasted slightly stewed. 

We had a really tasty lunch at Janet’s. I’ll most certainly add it to my list of places to lunch after a swim at Ponty Lido.

A further bonus is that’s located just around the corner from the awesome Prince’s Bakery. A walnut, chocolate fondant, whipped cream and jam tart was exactly my kind of pud.

The Details:

Address - Janet's Authentic Northern Chinese Restaurant, Pontypridd Market, Market St, Pontypridd CF37 2ST
Web -
Telephone - 07825 463685

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  1. Thanks for this - visited Janet's twice in the last couple of weeks and food and service were great both times.