Saturday, 20 March 2021

Som Saa, Thai nationwide delivery meal kit review

Another Zoom family meal called for another nationwide meal delivery kit. It’s been pretty much the only upshot of not being able to see my relatives or visit the North East for over a year. 

With Thai food being my sister-in-law’s favourite, Shoreditch’s Som Saa was the clear front runner for our meal kit of choice this time around. Their acclaimed regional Thai cooking has been on my hit list for years and they’ve recently started offering nationwide deliveries via the Dishpatch (much like our very successful delivery from St John).

A three course Thai red curry feast for two costs £55 plus £5.50 delivery and as expected everything is packaged up precisely with individually numbered pots and clear instructions - the most complicated element was cooking the rice.

Crisp little rice crackers (a major upgrade on Snack a Jacks) were a neutral base which played host to chicken mince heady with coconut, peanut and familiar Thai spicing - lemongrass, kaffir lime, and chilli. Slices of pickled ginger added sweetness and clarity.

Coarse chilli whoomphed slices of Thai sausage were accompanied by a lightly smoky aubergine relish topped with the addictive and slightly bittering crunch of crispy garlic.

Green papaya salad combined crisp fruit, green beans, sweet tomatoes and the crunch of fried shrimps and peanuts with a potent dressing of sharp citrus, ferocious chilli and balancing sweetness. It was the spiciest dish of the meal yet looked so harmless.

An absolutely first rate piece of 35 day aged HG Walter sirloin was the focal point of a belter of a Thai red curry. 

The red curry sauce had layers and layers of spice and creamy coconut. And a last minute addition of Thai basil added even more fragrance to the dish.

A massive bowl of sticky fragrant jasmine rice was accompanied by bang-on cooking instructions which I’ll certainly use in future. There was no risk of going hungry with all those carbs.

For pud, Thai sweets were tasty but not quite at the same level of the rest of the meal. Squidgy and sticky of texture, one combined mango, coconut and caramel whilst the other was more of a dark treacly sesame affair.

They were lovely washed down with a cup of sticky-rice toasted oolong tea which tasted uncannily like its namesake. Apparently the tea is blended with a Chinese herb called Nuo Mi Xiang which naturally tastes like sticky rice. 

We had an excellent dinner from Som Saa and my sister-in-law declared it her best meal of lockdown. Their complex spiced Thai food is definitely worth checking out. 

The Details:

Address - Som Saa, 43A Commercial St, Shoreditch, London E1 6BD
Web -
Telephone - 020 7324 7790

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