Saturday, 2 July 2022

Ansh, Victoria Park, Cardiff burger review

Last night I was craving an epic burger. 

However, nowadays, I’m far too long in the tooth to take a punt on the latest chain. Especially when Victoria Park’s brilliant Ansh is the other option.

A collaboration between Shaun Jones of the excellent Oriel Jones butchers and Aled Hill, a self-confessed burger geek, Ansh feels like a love letter to Wales. Welsh beef and lamb sits front and centre on the bilingual menu which is made up of burgers named after Welsh cultural icons, including Jemima Niclas and Barti Ddu.

Alongside the Welsh meat, Ansh’s beers are supplied by Cardiff’s Crafty Devil, wines by Ceredigion’s Llaethliw Vineyard and desserts come from Let Them See Cake, who are located just next door.

We’ve only ever visited Ansh for a takeaway and since opening for sit-in they’ve done a lovely job of transforming the venue into a bright and modern space where you could easily spend an evening.

As a business who prides themselves on their sustainability credentials, it was a little bit surprising to see Ansh’s burgers served in disposable cardboard packaging rather than on reusable crockery. However, perhaps there are logistical reasons which mean reusables aren’t feasible.

Both the burgers we ordered were absolute bobby-dazzlers with gorgeously soft and squidgy steamed potato buns, double smashed patties with crisp crusts and juicy interiors, and a good ooze of tangy Welsh cheddar. They’re burgers made by people who clearly love burgers.

A Betty Campbell (£14) combined a pair of big-flavoured mutton patties topped with a deep spiced Caribbean mutton curry with thick gravy and huge pieces of fall apart tender meat and a drizzle of sweet and fiery Carolina Reaper and pineapple jam.

A Grav (£12) featured two properly meaty Welsh black beef patties, thick and crisp streaky bacon and Ansh burger sauce. It was a classic combination of flavours executed brilliantly.

Whilst Ansh serve a selection of loaded fries, we ordered their bog-standard version (£3) and they were excellent, achieving a double-cooked level of extreme crispness whilst still maintaining their fluffy interiors.

We had an absolutely killer meal at Ansh and their burgers are as good as any I’ve eaten in Wales, let alone Cardiff. If you haven’t tried them out yet then I’d recommend a visit as soon as possible. 

The Details:

Address - Ansh, 589 Cowbridge Road East, Victoria Park, Cardiff CF5 1BE
Web -
Telephone - 07498 499787

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