Monday, 22 August 2011

The Las Vegas Epic 2011- Introduction

Having banged on for a good 12 months about my trip to Las Vegas last year on a stag do, Mrs G finally caved in and reached the same conclusion as me that Sin City would be an ideal location to spend this year’s summer holiday. You see, what’s not to love about Vegas? Granted it’s not the kind of place you immediately think of as a bastion of high culture but in its own way it is enthralling.

Architecturally, the various hotels of the strip are incredible (some are a kitsch kind of brilliant and some are just brilliant) and the city is home to no less than 7 shows by the scarily good Cirque du Soleil. Most importantly the food on offer in Vegas is off the hook. From a high end dining perspective there are no less than 17 Michelin starred restaurants (according to the most recent 2009 guide so some may no longer be open). In addition, the number of other decent un-starred establishments and casual dining options is simply mind boggling. I could have spent a year on The Strip and not managed to get through all of the places I wanted to eat. Finally did I forget to mention in August you’re pretty much guaranteed 7 days of 400C sun, it’s one of the cheapest places in America to stay in 5 star luxury, it’s pedestrian friendly, the breathtaking Grand Canyon makes for a good day trip and there is every kind of shop you could possibly want from Barney’s New York to Nike town.

What follows over the next 15 blog posts is an epic 7 day meal adventure. I don’t think I’ve ever consumed so many calories over such a short period of time nor had so many excellent meals in one week. Armed with a list of places to eat at thanks to the input of The Las Vegas Review Journal’s Best of Las Vegas guide, a few food bloggers previous experiences and the obsessive helpfulness of Las Vegas Chowhounders, I made it my personal mission to try and eat everywhere on The List. Unfortunately I didn’t succeed. Sadly there were 3 places I didn’t make it to this time round. I guess that means I know where I’ll be on going on holiday next summer.....


  1. Am loving the Vegas posts. We were mad enough to go at Christmas a couple of years ago. It turns out that most of the people aren't just escapist hedonists (us) but those who are no longer invited to their family Christmas. It was pretty colourful.

  2. Thanks. Glad you're enjoying. I've only got another 11 posts to write....

    Christmas in must be awesome. I can just imagine the characters you must have encountered. Even more than usual.