Monday, 22 August 2011

The Las Vegas Epic 2011 - The Secret Pizza Place, Cosmopolitan Review

Perhaps the finest pizza I have ever eaten. The hipster hotel, The Cosmopolitan is home to the unofficially titled “Secret Pizza Place”. This little takeaway, with just a bit of a cult following, is run by a couple of New Yorkers who serve up one of the most bargainous lunches you could hope to purchase on Las Vegas Boulevard. A sizeable piece of perfectly crisp yet chewy pizza will set you back between $3 for a slice of margherita and around $4.50 for something more elaborate. I opted for a slice of Italian sausage with chilli whilst Mrs G kept it basic with a slice of pepperoni. For such a simple plate of food (it’s served on paper plates and drinks come in plastic cups familiar from teen movie frat parties), this was one of the culinary highlights of my Las Vegas trip.

Due to the lack of a menu, I luckily stumbled upon the cannolo dessert option as a regular customer in front of me had ordered one. It consisted of a perfectly crisp cookie filled with cream cheese, candied fruits, nuts and bits of chocolate. It was maximally moreish.

It takes a little bit of a job to find the “Secret Pizza Place”; it’s hidden away on the second floor of the casino down an anonymous looking corridor lined with vintage record sleeves. When you smell something tasty, keep on going and you’re nearly there. It doesn’t feel like anywhere you’d expect to find in a 5 star Las Vegas hotel. In fact it would look more at home tucked down a darkened alley somewhere in Manhattan. 

This place is definitely worth hunting down. See below for a visual guide to finding the "Secret Pizza Place"

1. It's the corridor behind the pool table on the 2nd floor
 2. It's got loads of vintage records lining it when you get a bit closer

The Details:
The Cosmopolitan Hotel, 3708 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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