Saturday, 22 September 2012

Cardiff Restaurant Review Map

A number of people have requested a more convenient way to view my restaurant reviews by location.

After a few hours of faffing around, I've come up with a map of all the restaurants I've reviewed in Cardiff (and a little further beyond - you'll need to zoom out). I'll keep it up to date as I visit more places.

Click on the pins to find out more details of the restaurant and for a link to my review.

Updated - June 2018

View GourmetGorro - Cardiff restaurant map in a larger map


  1. I'm slightly gutted you haven't put my place up there (Pieminister) as I was interested what you'd class it as, Cafe, Restaurant or other. I've been there since open and I still haven't really worked it out.

    1. @Craig - I'm hoping to visit again soon and write about it. Reckon I'd put it in the British category!