Saturday, 1 December 2012

Aladdin, City Road, Cardiff - The Cardiff Kebab Quest

Whilst my search for Cardiff’s best burger meanders along, it would seem foolish to begin a new mission. 

However, my latest search will also serve as a motivational tool. 

Every week, after my 2 hour beginner’s Welsh class at The Gate Arts Centre, I’m too tired to cook. As a result, I indulge in a spot of junk food. As a lover of all things KEBAB, I invariably end up plumping for a doner from nearby KBS. 

By setting myself the task of finding Cardiff’s best kebab, it will provide me with the impetus to step out of my comfort zone and explore the manifold delights of City Road’s kebab shops.

So begins the Cardiff Kebab Quest.

The 4 criteria I will judge each kebab on are Meat, Bread, Sauce and Salad. If I were being rigorous, I would order the same kebab in each shop. I am not being rigorous. .

First up is Aladdin on City Road.

Aladdin has a few standout features of interest - there’s an awesome rotisserie chicken ferris wheel in the window and their doners and shawarmas are adorned with artfully cut peppers.

The kebab – Mixed shish

The price - £6.50

Meat – Thumbs up for the mini charcoal pit on which the meat skewers are cooked. A herby lamb shish and a lemony chicken shish are both tender and lightly charred.

Bread – A very good fresh naan cooked in a tandoor oven. It’s crisp and pillowy at the same time. It’s also bigger than the size of the plate it’s served on.  

Salad – A slightly disappointing, pedestrian selection of chopped lettuce, tomato, red onion and olives.

Sauce – An equally disappointing ambient garlic mayo and generic chilli sauce from a squeezy bottle.

The Verdict – The bread and meat at Aladdin are both of a very high standard. Salad and sauce let the side down. 

The details
Address - 218 City Road, Cardiff, CF24 3JH
Telephone - 029 2049 4922


  1. This is a topic we've talked about alot at work. I think we've come to the general conclusion that Troy is a solid bet on City Road. There're a few others out there looking good - Lilo at the other end too. So many kebab shops, so little time.

  2. @Anonymous - Troy, Lilo, Abo Ali, Can Zaman and KBS are all on the hit list. Think they're all pretty good so it's going to be hard to separate them.

  3. just wanted to know if you ever check out the "scores on the doors" food hygene web-site. It was brought to my attention today by a colleague. Aladdin's doesn't do well ....

  4. @garjones - Funny you should mention it but I was browsing through the scores on the doors website whilst I was munching on my kebab! It doesn't make for great reading but it's surprising how many well known places in Cardiff get bad scores.

  5. I love Can Zaman!

  6. Give Abo ALi a go too, my top two along with KBS

    1. @Anonymous - Still really looking forward to visiting Abo Ali. Thanks for the recommendation.

  7. I reckon a Chicken Shish from Venus on Crwys Road takes some beating,