Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Bone Daddies, Noodle Bar, Soho, London review

Where's the wally?
Another lunch in London and another opportunity to demonstrate how far I am behind the times...

One of last year’s hottest food trends was tonkotsu ramen - a Japanese noodle broth made by boiling pork bones for hours & hours until the milky marrow is unleashed and a creamy, unctuous stock is produced. 

Bone Daddies, my lunch destination, is headed up by Ross Shonhan, the Antipodean former head chef of celebrated celeb-hangouts Zuma & Nobu. He's also just opened another new gaff which everyone's talking about.

Understandably, Bone Daddies exclusively serves ramen and a few sides.

I ordered the tonkotsu ramen (£11). The thick, deeply meaty and fatty broth was accompanied by a whopping slice of tender pork belly, a melt in the mouth egg, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, spring onions and thin noodles.

Whilst a bowl of soup noodles might seem like a light lunch, I can assure you it wasn’t. In fact, it was a bit like eating a bowl of gravy - albeit rather delicious gravy. A drizzle of chilli oil & a scattering of ground sesame seeds helped to cut through the richness which eventually took its toll.

I preferred my dining companion’s lighter dish of sweet 3 miso ramen (£10). A staggeringly complex sweet chicken broth with fruity pineapple notes was accompanied by chargrilled corn, wobbly egg, soft chicken, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, noodles, seaweed and... a knob of butter.

A side of fried chicken (£5) was über-good. Crispy, juicy, grease-free and perfectly seasoned, the bite-sized boneless pieces allowed for rapid inhalation.

Lunch at Bone Daddies was delicious and I’d heartily recommend a visit if you’re looking for a quick bite in Central London.

The details:

Address - Bone Daddies, 31 Peter Street, London W1F 0AR
Telephone - 020 7287 8581 (No reservations)


  1. good to know about places like this as Soho can be a nightmare in terms of making a good choice. Am hoping to try Umezushi in Manchester this year - another unsung hero by all accounts. http://www.umezushi.co.uk/

    1. @GF - Loads of good places in Soho now but they all seem so busy - hate queueing. Umezushi looks cracking.