Friday, 11 October 2013

Madras in Wales, City Road, Cardiff restaurant review

*This restaurant is now closed*

Since the closure of Punitha’s, my almost weekly cravings for South Indian comfort food have been left unfulfilled. 

There’s one dish in particular that has left me longing… mutton kothu parotta.

One of Tamil Nadu’s most popular streetfoods, mutton kothu parotta is an alchemical mix of parotta (a slightly elastic layered flatbread), egg, onion, curry leaves, tomatoes, tender mutton and mild spices. 

Served with curry sauce and yoghurt chutney, it might look a mess but it’s the kind of dish that goes hand in hand with crisp autumn evenings.

Now that I’ve now discovered Madras in Wales’s version, I’m satisfied once more.

It’s not just Madras in Wales’s kothu parotta which is worth rabbiting on about. They’re serving a whole menu of interesting cheap as chips Indian dishes from their basic looking City Road restaurant.

A round of fruity and fragrant mango lassis (£2.25) quenched our thirsts but if you’re craving alcohol then you can bring your own and there’s a handy Tesco opposite.

To start we shared paneer Manchurian (£3.95), an Indo-Chinese classic. Meaty, slightly crisp cubes of paneer, finely diced onions and green peppers are combined in and a sweet and spicy sauce.

For main we ordered a chicken dosa (£4.50) to go with our mutton kothu parotta (£4.99).

The large soft pancake was topped with finely diced curried chicken and accompanied by a trio of pots including a coconut packed chutney and a fiery, creamy curry sauce.

A bowl of warm, light and delicately syrupy gulab jamun (£1.99) rounded off the meal perfectly.  

Madras in Wales is further evidence that City Road has the most diverse (and certainly some of the best) restaurants in Cardiff. 

The details:

Address -  Madras in Wales, 129 City Road, Cardiff, CF24 3BP


  1. The Punitha's paratha tasted more fresh though; have a feeling that MiW used frozen parathas for their dishes (and if you order them separately). But yes, agree - their food is very good; great value for money too.

    1. @Bivlar - Interesting! I must admit I'm no paratha expert - I'm just glad to have another good version of mutton kothu paratha.

  2. Just an FYI - a group of 12 of us went here on Sunday and currently 10 of us have severe food poisoning. Environmental Health has been to each of our houses to take a 'sample' which will be tested as apparently this isn't the first time this has happened. This restaurant currently has a food hygiene rating of 1 out of 5 which means 'major improvement necessary'.

    1. Get well soon! Sorry to hear that - I hope the issue gets resolved soon.