Sunday, 6 October 2013

Mission Burrito, Cardiff food blog

*Update - 16/06/2018 - Mission Burrito is now closed*

Light the Burrito Beacon.

Sound the Chipotle Klaxon.

At last, Cardiff has its own burrito shop and thankfully it’s bloomin’ lush.

Mission Burrito Cardiff is the sixth outlet of this small Oxfordshire based chain.

Whilst Mission’s shop on The Friary (the street with Revolucion de Cuba on) is weeny, its burritos are reassuringly brick-like in proportions.

On the food front, everything is present and correct.

First, choose whether you want a burrito, tacos, a salad box, or a rice box.

Second, choose your filling – chipotle marinated chicken, thyme & bay seasoned slow cooked pork, chipotle steak or mixed peppers.

Third, choose your salsa – mild pico de gallo, medium salsa verde, hot chipotle or very hot habanero.

Fourth, watch as your tortilla is packed with rice, meat, lettuce, sour cream, salsa, guacamole (70p extra) & Monterey Jack cheese (30p extra).

Finally, stuff your face.

I ordered pork with mild pico de gallo & smoky chipotle salsa (£5.45) whilst Mrs G ordered chicken with mild pico de gallo, guacamole & cheese (£6.45).

Both were the size of a shoe, loaded with filling and bursting with flavour.

The soft tortilla, tender meat, potent salsa, heat-moderating sour cream, fragrant guacamole, rich cheese and stomach filling rice were all on the nail.

Mission burrito is ace. Go and fill your boots.

The Details:

Address – Mission Burrito, The Friary, Cardiff
Web -
Twitter - @burritoHQ 


  1. Just tried it and got to say I dont think it's all that. Maybe I've been spoiled by the chilli van in Avonmouth but the portion seemed quite small and the habanero sauce was really not that hot and had nothing of the fruitiness you'd expect, just a bit limp really.

  2. Have to agree with the above, can't fault the volume or the soft tortillas, but it was all on the bland side for me. Chicken was unseasoned, guacamole tasteless, just no distinguishable flavours. Needed some Coriander at least to lift it... Your average Mexican would not be impressed.

  3. My thinking is the same as The above poster. It was surprisingly bland. I did like the taste of the guacamole but wasnt a fan of the big pieces of onion in it.

  4. I liked it when i tried it - although for the price maybe expected something a bit more... awesome!? It was big enough, just not spicy enough for me maybe. Would go back though. Good review. Been a big fan of your blog for a while now, and recently started my own Cardiff food blog. Gourmet Gorro is definately the leader for the area haha.

    My blog:

    Seems to be quite a strong Cardiff blogging scene. Good to see. :)

    1. Shame yours was lacking on the flavour front. In comparison to most burritos I've eaten in London, Mission fares very favourably.

      Good luck with the new blog - the more the merrier!

  5. I dont go to cardiff that often, but when I did I had to try this place out... I would gladly cut off my right nut to have another one right this second :)
    The portions are good for the price
    Ok could be a little hotter but overall I really enjoyed. thank you for pointing this place out.