Saturday, 29 March 2014

Deli-Rouge, Roath - Hunt for Cardiff's Best Breakfast

I’ve done kebabs and burgers to death.

After an extensive and (pseudo)scientific search, I’ve located stupendous examples of each in Cardiff.

And then I went and ate a cruddy burger at Jamie’s Italian and a dire kebab on City Road. Therefore, I think it’s probably best if I move onto pastures new*…

It’s with great pride that I present the lazily (and search engine friendly) named Hunt for Cardiff’s Best Breakfast.

I apologise in advance for the number of fry-ups. And, if I’m eating with Mrs G, I’d better apologise for all those eggs Benedicts.

However, I'll also be including cracking pastries from places like Nata & Co and Allen's Bakery - the kind of breakfasts which make me happily forego a full Welsh.

Err…and that’s about it… 

Please send your suggestions my way.

Also I’m not doing rankings or scores – they’re a bit too reductive.

First up, is Deli-Rouge.

Located in the back streets of Roath, this charming little deli, with enticingly produce-laden shelves, serves a menu of breakfasts, sandwiches, salads & evening-time tapas.

The breakfast – Mega Breakfast

The price - £7.95

Pros – Superb doorstop white toast, crisp thick-cut bacon, sweet grilled tomatoes and a pair of runny fried eggs.

Cons – Fried mushrooms were mixed unnecessarily with red onions and I wasn’t totally sold on the herby yet slightly chewy sliced Italian style sausage.

Beverages – A respectably robust Americano (£1.95) 

Verdict - A lovely breakfast in a charming location. Whilst the Mega Breakfast wasn't without its imperfections, I'd still happily eat one every weekend. 

Details – 

Address - 73 Pen-y-wain Road, Roath, Cardiff, CF24 4GG
Telephone - 02920 483871
Web -

*I'm not going to bore you so often with burgers and kebabs. However, if something notable comes along then I’ll write about it.


  1. Spoiler alert:Trade street cafe. Game over.

    1. Ha ha! Cheers for the recommendation - will certainly check it out.

  2. The Pot on Crwys Road; lovely breakfast burrito!

    1. @Lisa - Cheers for the tip! I've heard good things.

    2. Unfortunately, they've changed ownership - the burrito is not the same any more....

  3. The Deck on Harrowby Street in the bay is a must visit for a breakfast or a superb omelette!!

    1. @Sian - Great, handy for work. I'll add it to the list.

  4. Best breakfast in Cardiff as undoubtedly at snails in rhiwbina, just class.

  5. Don't know where I'd pick as my favourite place for a cooked breakfast in Cardiff. I don't like The Pot however. The breakfast is too dry and laking beans. Would be interesting to see what you think.

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