Sunday, 28 September 2014

Frankie's Italian, Cardiff, Pizza takeaway review

One of the problems of food blogging is the obsession with the new – ordinarily I’m preoccupied with writing about the latest openings, often at the expense of older businesses which have been quietly doing their thing for many years.

So, whilst Cardiff is in the grip of a gourmet pizza renaissance, it’s not to one of the latest vans or pop-ups that I headed last weekend...

Frankie’s Italian in Roath was already open before I started writing this blog.

In that time, it’s been recommended to me on countless occasions and I can only hang my head in shame that it’s taken me until now to visit.

Primarily a takeaway (there are a couple of tables if you can’t wait until you get home to start noshing), Frankie’s menu is dominated by proper sounding pizzas (there’s not a trace of a hot dog stuffed crust or a bbq sauce base). If you’re not in the mood for pizza then pastas, risottos, salads & bruschettas also make an appearance.

Whilst most pizzas (12”) cost around £7.50, Mrs G and I took advantage of the “meal for two” deal which would have comfortably fed three. £16 bought us any two pizzas, garlic bread and two cans of pop. 

Even though I’m no “authentic” pizza expert, I’ve seen a lot them on t’internet and Frankie’s definitely fit the template.

A golden, bubbly, crisp, chewy crust. Check.

A thin base. Check.

A good smear of fresh, fragrant tomato sauce. Check.

My margherita bufala was simple yet lush. Topped with slices of creamy buffalo mozzarella and a couple of slivers of perfumed basil (a few more leaves wouldn’t have gone a miss), it’s the kind of thing I’d never get bored of. 

Mrs G’s pizza Frankie’s meanwhile was adorned with salty parma ham and iron rich spinach. 

A soft and chewy garlic bread pizza was drizzled with just the right amount of olive oil and whiffed mildly of garlic.

Frankie’s is a real gem. In fact, I liked it so much that I’ve attached their menu to my takeaway pinboard – a rare accolade indeed.

The details:

Address - Frankies Italian, 6 Mackintosh Place, Roath, Cardiff CF24 4RQ
Telephone - 029 2045 4234


  1. I love Frankie's Italian! I haven't found anywhere in Cardiff that offers pizza like theirs for delivery.

  2. Had high hopes for this place but unfortunately had the worst take away experience ever. The manager here is quite possibly the rudest, least helpful person I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. I would rather cut my nuts off with a rusty fork than order from Frankies again.

    1. That's a shame cause everyone else disagrees

  3. You should try Calibrisella on Cowbridge Road. It's knocked Frankie's off the top spot for me!