Saturday, 20 December 2014

My 10 most viewed blog posts of all time

After four years of blogging I’ve finally reached one million pageviews.

It’s been an interesting journey, one which has allowed me to indulge my all consuming obsession with food, and I’m grateful to those who’ve stuck with me through all the typos and dodgy meals.

Blah, blah, blah – enough of the heartfelt hokum.

A milestone like this demands a grand gesture… a listicle of my 10 most viewed posts of ALL TIME that I’ve cobbled together in 5 minutes.

Heaven knows why some of these posts have made it into the top ten. But hey ho, who am I to judge what you like to read? I’m just grateful for the pageviews.

So, here they are in a Top of the Pops style countdown of popularity:

10. In at number ten is Man v Food Night at the North Star. Why the hell did I eat that burger? Still, at least it makes a good anecdote.

9. At number nine it’s a list of a few more of my favourite places to eat in Cardiff

8. The defunct Mr G’s Soul Kitchen cooked tidy jerk chicken but their service could be more than a little slow. If you’ve found any other decent jerk chicken in the ‘Diff, give me a shout.

7. Fish at 85 serves banging fresh fish. Well, they did last time I visited – I think a new head chef has joined recently. 

6. Pared back British cooking, an atmospheric bank vault setting and a dangerously broad selection of gins make The Potted Pig one of Cardiff's hottest restaurants.

5. The Grazing Shed serves the best burger in Cardiff that I've eaten so far. However, I wish they served them medium like the first time I visited. 

4. I ♥ Hang Fire Smokehouse. Shauna and Sam’s BBQ is my favourite food in the whole of Cardiff.

3. The Smoke House Pontcanna are one of Cardiff’s other BBQ joints. It may be the most read BBQ post on my blog but it’s certainly not my favourite of places.

2. Can people please stop reading my brother’s guest post of The Gilbert Scott. Seriously, it’s done my younger sibling insecurity complex no good at all. 

1. And number 1 is…… the original list of my top ten places to eat in Cardiff. A listicle topping the charts in a listicle – this is all getting a bit meta.

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