Friday, 29 April 2016

Wok-ker Shaker, Cardiff Malaysian restaurant review

The phrase “cheap and cheerful” could easily have been coined especially for Wok-ker Shaker, a noodle bar and Malaysian cafe located on Cardiff’s Tudor Street in the shadow of the Millennium Stadium.

To put it bluntly, their basic decor isn’t going to win any prizes but their excellent value Malaysian food might. During our meal we shared a bench with a pair of Malaysian students who live by Jalan Malaysia yet had travelled to the other side of the city to eat Wok-ker Shaker’s food. 

A couple of mugs of Teh Tarik (Malaysian tea - £1.50) were everything they should be - strong, creamy and sweet. 

Beef kuey teow (£4.95) combined tender, thick rice noodles flecked with soft steak, peppers, onions, carrots, beansprouts and omelette. A light soy based sauce and scattering of spring onions pepped up the excellent plate. 

Nasi Lemak (£3.95) was a very good example of the Malaysian classic. Light, sticky coconut fragranced rice was joined by a sweet and spicy chilli paste, crispy dried anchovies and peanuts, cucumber, a half boiled egg and a spiced lightly-battered chicken wing. An additional portion of chicken rendang (£1.50) was a thunderingly good combination of yielding meat and a deeply spiced coconut based sauce. 

Nasi Ayam (£4.95) combined first rate fried chicken (boneless thigh meat in a black pepper spiked crumb) with second rate rice which was heady with chicken stock but was leaning towards the dry-side. 

Bowls of fiery chilli sauce and comforting chicken broth tied the dish together. 

I like Wok-ker Shaker a lot. It's another of Cardiff's hidden gems which definitely deserves a visit. 

The Details:

Address - Wok-ker Shaker, 8 Tudor Street, Cardiff CF11 6AF
Telephone - 029 2034 1918


  1. Completely agree. It's a fab place. Next time ask for their karipuffs. They do have them in chicken and fish, not on the menu though :)

    1. @Keisha - Will do! Cheers for the tip.

    2. @Asang - That's the second recommendation for the curry puffs. I need to try them urgently!

  2. Well worth trying I think! Do they have a toilet?

    1. Definitely worth trying! I'm not sure if they have a toilet, sorry.

  3. Tony Jones, Aberystwyth4 May 2019 at 15:16

    Top tip, still valid in 2019.
    Good that your blog covers Michelin stars in Bordeaux and a man with a wok!