Saturday, 21 October 2017

Fauvette and David Lush Butchers, Penarth

There are two places in Penarth that I’ve been meaning to write about on the blog for ages.

Working on the principle that two lunches (and a dessert) are always better than one, Mrs G and I went on a mini Penarth food crawl a few weeks back. Here’s where we visited:

David Lush Butchers

The baguettes from David Lush the Butchers are legendary. In fact, I have a good mate who regularly drives from Rhiwbina to Penarth just to buy one.

I’ve previously had one of Lushie’s breakfast baguettes and I’ve heard good things about their roast beef and pork baguettes. This time though it was all about the chicken. A half ’n’ half baguette of southern fried chicken and Moroccan chicken (£4.95) was stupendously large; Mrs G and I shared it of course.

Moroccan chicken thighs were gorgeously tender and coated in an addictively spicy tomato marinade. Southern Fried chicken wasn’t so juicy but it made up for it with its heroically crisp skin and well-spiced crisp crumb. I failed to order mayo to go on the disappointingly limp bread roll - I won’t make the same mistake next time.


With our stomachs well-lined with meat, Mrs G and I moved onto Fauvette, a lovely little cheese and wine shop.

Fauvette was opened in August 2016 by a pair of friends who met whilst working in the restaurant industry in London. The handsome shop’s fridges and shelves are filled with an epic selection of European cheeses and natural wines (also available in refillable bottles). There are also a few seats in the window where you can order a cheeseboard to eat in. 

Mrs G knocked back a couple of glasses of seriously drinkable Raisins Gaulois beaujolais (£3.95) whilst I had a deliciously fragrant yet not too sweet Van Nahmen white peach nectar (£2.95).

A Fauvette’s board (£11.50) comprised of five delicious and interesting cheeses - an uber-soft and creamy robiola sheep and cow’s milk cheese from Piedmont; a sweet and nutty Ossau-Iraty from the Pyrenees; a tangy and complex Basque goat’s cheese called Monte Enebro; spoonably soft and delicately savoury gorgonzola; and Barkham Blue made with Jersey milk. Charcoal and Bath oval crackers and a pot of chutney completed the lovely board.

Brutons the Bakers

I’ve written about Brutons the Bakers before but it’s worth giving another shout out to the coffee walnut tarts from this small chain of family bakers.

Crisp shortcrust pastry filled with whipped cream is topped in a glistening layer of sweet coffee icing and topped with a walnut. They’re pretty frigging addictive.

So there you go, three places in Penarth that are well worth a visit (all in one go). 

The Details:

David Lush Butchers
Address - 5 Glebe Street Penarth, CF64 1EB
Telephone - 02920 707007

Address - 8 Glebe St, Penarth CF64 1ED
Telephone - 029 2070 8753

Address - 106 Glebe St, Penarth CF64 1ED
Telephone - 029 2022 4346


  1. David Lush Butchers
    you failed to taste their home made pies
    steak and kidney etc and home made pork pies
    they dont get any better

    1. @Cardiff local - I bought a chicken and ham pie to take home. It was lush!