Thursday, 10 May 2018

Canaima Coffee, Cardiff Venezuealan cafe review

Some of the places which I’ve written about that linger longest in the memory are the international cafes and restaurants which have added colour to Cardiff’s dining out scene.

Kimchi’s Korean food, the Brazilian and Portuguese cooking at Amazonas, the Malaysian nosh at Wok-ker Shaker and the Middle Eastern cooking at Falafel Kitchen all spring to mind.

Canaima Coffee on Roath’s Albany Road is Cardiff’s first Venezuelan cafe. Of course, we’ve already got the street food of The Queen Pepiada, but I’m talking bricks and mortar.

Canaima is a cute little space with bright and modern decor. The menu consists of Venezuelan specialities including arepas, empenadas and sweet pastries. 

A chicken empenada (£4.50) saw an enjoyably corn-twanged deep-fried pocket filled with tender shredded chicken with a touch of tomato. The lack of crispness in the exterior was a slight drawback. 

A Pabellon arepa (£6.95) saw a grilled crisp and squidgy maize bread filled with shreds of tender beef, soft black beans, sweet and starchy fried plantain and crumbled tangy cheese. This was a very tasty combination of flavours and textures. But, considering the price a bit of side salad would have made it a more substantial meal. 

From the pastry selection we ordered a milhojas (£1.99), a delicious Venezuelan take on a mille-feuille. Thin and crunchy layers of puff pastry were sandwiched with rich custard and sweet dulce de leche.

Drinks were just as unique as the food - a papelon con limon (£2.50) saw sweet sugar cane juice balanced by the acidity of lemon juice.

Chicha (£2.95) was essentially a rice pudding milkshake. It was creamy, not too sweet, a little nutty from the rice and sprinkled with cinnamon.

Canaima is a welcome addition to Roath's dining scene. If you fancy a change from your usual ham sandwich and chocolate muffin then go check it out.

The Details:

Address - Canaima Coffee, 131C Albany Road, Cardiff CF24 3NS
Web -
Telephone - 02920 488655

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  1. Absolutely fantastic. Wish I'd visited it sooner. One of the best places on Albany Road to eat and drink. Cant recommend it enough.