Saturday, 5 May 2018

The Lansdowne, Canton, Cardiff Sunday roast review

The Lansdowne’s Sunday lunch has a reputation which precedes itself.

Time and time again I’ve heard great things about the roast dinners at this Canton pub that’s owned by the same team as the excellent Milkwood and The Grange pub.

When we pitched up at 1pm the place was packed to the rafters but service remained impressively swift throughout.

Six different roasts were available on our visit including veggie and vegan options. All weigh in at £11.95 for an adult portion and £6 for a kids portion. A few other mains were available for those who aren’t partial to a roast (weirdos).


The roast dinners lived up to expectations. They were very good indeed.

My rolled breast of slow roast salt marsh lamb was tender as heck and filled with a herby and meaty stuffing. 

Mrs G’s roast topside of beef was a perfect pink and also nicely tender. 

They were both served with flavour-packed gravy that was neither too thick nor too thin, perky cabbage, al dente carrots and a crisp yet squidgy Yorkshire pudding.

Roasties were the only element that weren’t excellent - they were perfectly decent but a touch dense and a little lacking in crispness. 

A generous bowl of cheesy and creamy cauliflower cheese was a delicious extra treat.

Desserts were very tasty but not quite at the same level.

A chocolate brownie (£4.50) was more spongey than gooey but it was very nice. Moist and not too sweet, it was served with a pot of single cream. 

Sticky toffee pudding (£4.50) had a good twang of dark sugar but was a little bouncy. It was served with Ambrosia-esque custard. 

Sunday lunch at The Lansdowne is lovely and well-priced. Their reputation is well deserved.

The Details:

Address - The Lansdowne, 71 Beda Road, Cardiff CF5 1LX
Telephone - 029 2022 1312

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