Saturday, 18 August 2018

Holy Cheesus, Newport toasted cheese sandwich shop review

Pun restaurant names offer a whole world of opportunities.

Thai Tanic. Tequila Mockingbird. Lord of the Fries. Planet of the Grapes. Pho Shizzle. Lebaneser Scrooge. Frying Nemo. Grillennium Falcon. The Wieners Circle. Prawnbroker.

All of these places genuinely exist and I doff my cap to the owners.

Holy Cheesus, a toasted cheese sandwich shop in Newport, has an Instagram feed which has been making me drool for the past six months.

The cosy shop has a lovely vibe with its floral wallpaper, second hand record collection, eclectic art and pop-culture knick-knacks.

Reassuringly, the menu is compact. A handful sandwiches are all cooked on a flat top grill using freshly baked white bloomer.

We happened to visit during a summer sale which meant the already well-priced sandwiches were practically being given away.

A Mac Daddy with extra chorizo (£3.60 reduced from £5.60) saw a couple of huge bits of toasted bloomer loaded with macaroni cheese, oily piquant chorizo, and a good slick of oozy cheese. It was a very tasty sandwich - the carb on carb action making it the ideal food for a hangover. A minor criticism but the cheese sauce on the macaroni could definitely have taken a bigger hit of cheese.

A Chilli Con Carnage (£4 reduced from £5) was the clear winner. The oozy, tangy and creamy cheese blend was combined with a spicy, meaty and fatty beef chilli punctuated by the crunch of nachos, briny chilli heat of jalapenos and fragrance of coriander. This was my kind of toasted sandwich.

The kicker with both sandwiches was a thin, uber-crisp golden layer of toasted cheese on the exterior of the sandwich. And they were served with a mound of Wotsits; I like their style.

We had a lovely lunch at Holy Cheesus - from the tasty food, to the friendly team and upbeat vibe, this is exactly the type of independent that brings colour to a city.

The Details:

Address - Holy Cheesus, 42c Bridge Street, Newport NP20 4NY
Web -


  1. Spot on review - their food is sooooooo good!

    That end of Newport is getting some quality food and drink - nearby is 'Meat' which does excellent burgers, Rogue Fox coffee house and The Cellar Door is a superb micro pub that's well worth a visit (their live music nights are fab.) Gem 42 is a new restaurant about to open too - they're all within a minute's walk of each other.

    While I'm still talking Newport, I can also recommend Mon Usk Deli who do delicious tapas.

    Really enjoy your blog - it's always a good read and usually makes me extremely hungry :)


    1. Thanks for your comment Tim. Sorry for my delay in responding - Blogger hasn't notified me of any comments to moderate for the last 6 months! Cheers for all those Newport tips; I'll add them to he list.

  2. I've been eating here since it opened. Obviously with breaks in between... not non-stop as that would be mental. It truly is a gem of a place, completely delicious menu that changes and evolves. I always get a warm welcome and some of my ideas have even come to fruition which is fab. As long as there is cheese, I will be happy!

    1. @James - Can't beat a toasted cheese sandwich! That's awesome that some of your ideas have been put on the menu. Sorry for my delay in responding - Blogger hasn't notified me of any comments to moderate for the last 6 months!

  3. Love that this place is my local, the menu is always changing and they frequently sell out so keep an eye on their facebook page. I recommend trying Tia Julia Brazilian food in Newport indoor market and the Newport food festival will be back on 6th October.

    1. @Gem - Cheers for the tip regarding Tia Julia Brazilian; it sounds really interesting. Sorry for my delay in responding - I didn't know I had any comments on the blog for the last 6 months as Blogger didn't notify me!