Saturday, 4 May 2019

Wild Thing, Grangetown, Cardiff vegan cafe review

Reusable napkins, metal straws, no takeaway cups or containers (except for any spare second-hand yoghurt pots and boxes lying around) and an entirely vegan menu.

Wild Thing commendably combines all of the above elements into an eclectically decorated corner spot in Cardiff's Grangetown.

Seeking respite from an Easter weekend of solely consuming lamb, chocolate and beer, Mrs G and I headed to Wild Thing to catch up on a few of our five-a-day. Thankfully, their all day menu includes dishes like apple and celeriac fritters with pickled cucumbers and oat flour pancakes with ginger baked apple and nutty granola. 

House made ginger kombucha (£2.50) delivered a big hit of the warming root balanced by a delicate fizz and sourness. 

Both mains were deceptively hearty. In fact Mrs G and I were stuffed by the time we were through with them.

Light and soft pancakes (£7) were fragranced with sweet pea and topped with creamy, nutty tahini, tender broccoli and crunchy candied walnuts. It was a lovely balance of sweet and savoury. 

My whole-food bowl (£8) combined hot and cold, acid and sweet, salty and sour. Highlights included spiced marinated cauliflower and my first foray into tempeh - crisp, seed-studded cubes of fermented miso-like soy marinated in soy sauce and warming ginger. 

Other lovely elements included hot roast beetroot, red cabbage sauerkraut, ribbons of sweet pickled carrot, chunky beetroot hummus and tahini dressing. Bulk came in the form of a hot mix of quinoa, seeds and lentils which would have benefitted from a bigger punch of flavour. 

A dainty cupcake (£2.50) combined moist sponge with matcha twanged icing and a dusting of coconut. 

We had a lovely brunch at Wild Thing. When I’m looking to lay off the bacon and butter, I’ll be heading back for some more of their hearty food.

The Details:

Address - Wild Thing, 104 Clare Rd, Cardiff CF11 6RT
Web -
Telephone - 07846 577003

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