Saturday, 28 April 2012

Fabulous Welsh Cakes, Cardiff Bay, Welsh Speciality

One of the first, most important and only questions I ask myself when visiting a new country is “what national specialities do I need to eat?”

When I visited Germany for the first time I obsessed about sampling currywurst, the filthy late night speciality which I’d read about in my German GCSE textbook. My first trip to the USA was a dangerous 5 days in which I crammed countless foods I'd wanted to eat since childhood. I was half a stone heavier after consuming multiple pancake stacks, hot dogs, ribs, burgers, meatloaves, donuts, junior mints, pizzas, Reese's pieces, subs and philly cheese steaks.

I asked myself the same question when I moved to Wales. Over the last few years I’ve sampled Welsh rarebit, cawl, half & half, Glamorgan sausages, cockles & laverbread, faggots and the Caroline street speciality of chips & chicken curry off the bone. Perhaps though it's the humble Welsh cake which is my pick of the bunch.

Served cold they’re pretty lush with a cup of tea. But really there’s nothing nicer than to trough one warm cake after another when they’re fresh off the bakestone. For my occasional fix, I head to Fabulous Welsh cakes in Cardiff bay. Usually you can pick up a bag of these beauties (45p per cake) whilst they’re still warm. If not they’re still guaranteed to be exceptionally fresh and fabulous.

As well as the traditional combination of flour, butter, sultanas, caster sugar and mixed spice, Fabulous also do their own interpretations of the Welsh cake. An Easter variety had a moist core of marzipan whilst a dark chocolate and orange combination satisfied the chocoholic inside me.

Tourist or not, Fabulous Welsh cakes are one national speciality worth sampling.

The details:
Fabulous Welsh Cakes, Bute St, Mermaid Quay, Cardiff Bay, CF10 5DW
Tel - 02920 456 593
Web -


  1. Excellent blog. I'm Cardiff born and bred but you've given me tons of new places to try. Thank you

  2. Really kind of you to say so. Glad my blog has been a help. It's one of the main reasons I write it.