Sunday, 29 April 2012

Searching for Cardiff's Best Burger - Lolfa Mimosa Lounge, Pontcanna

The search for the best burger in Cardiff could be the subject of its very own blog. Other than steak, I can't think of any dish that's more ubiquitous on restaurant menus.  Inspired by the awesome London based burger detective Burgerac, I'm back on the hunt for Cardiff's best burger. Unfortunately I'm still not hopeful I'm going to find anything as good as a Big Mac.

By adopting an interrogatory style to this and future burger reviews, I can focus on the key issues in order of importance and make fairer comparisons between Cardiff's burgers .

The Burger - Lolfa Mimosa Lounge, Welsh Black Beef Burger

1. How was the patty? Served well done, the Welsh Black beef was still thankfully moist. It was well seasoned, herby and had a pleasant sweetness from some finely diced red onion. Unfortunately it more closely resembled a meatball in shape than a burger patty. This meant it didn't fit the bun properly and I had to dislocate my jaw to get it in my mouth.

3. How was the bun? It was pleasing to see a homemade focaccia style bun seasoned with rosemary. It was a step above countless other burger bun atrocities I've eaten. However it was slightly greasy due to the olive oil and it did break up too easily as I worked my way through the burger.

4. How was the other stuff in the bun? A smear of mayonnaise, a single slice of tomato and a tiny amount of rocket. Simple yet effective. The melted cheese was undetectable against the beef

5. How were the fries? Disappointingly soggy but there was a good background note of meat fat.

6. What was the price? £9.95 with fries (I'm not sure how much extra I paid for the cheese)

7. How were the sides? 

Onion rings were mindbogglingly brilliant. Perfectly crisp, ungreasy, sweet and salty. Perhaps the best onion rings I've ever eaten.

A starter of whitebait was crisp but a couple of the little blighters were unnervingly fishy tasting. The bread was also a little stale.

A Manhattan tasted like an ice-cold shot of neat whisky with a cherry. I've never had a Manhattan before and never will again. I'm guessing they're always this rank and it's not Mimosa's fault.

8. How was the service? Friendly but one of our groups' main dishes was forgotten. We were nearly finished by the time her dish arrived.

9. So what's the verdict? I'd enjoy eating Mimosa's burger again but I wouldn't drive past a McDonald's to get there.

The Details:
Address: Lolfa Mimosa Lounge, 175 Kings Rd, Pontcanna, Cardiff, CF11 9DF 
Telephone: 029 2037 3554

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