Saturday, 28 July 2012

My 10 favourite places to eat in Cardiff

If you’re reading this then you’ve contributed to me reaching 100,000 page views. Thank you very much.

I couldn’t let this moment go without a special post…….

So here it is, in no particular order. 10 of my favourite places to eat in Cardiff from over the last 18 months. 

Update Aug '14 - I've added another list of my favourite places to eat in Cardiff HERE. I've stopped updating the list below so follow the link to find out my latest recommendations. 

1.Fish at 85 – Fresh fish prepared simply. Wow

2..CN – If you’re in the mood for offal in an offaly hot sauce then this is the place for you. However, not all of the Chinese food at .CN is quite so challenging. Kung Po chicken, pan fried dumplings and crispy chilli lamb breast are my favourites on the menu.

3. Purple Poppadom – Anand George elevates comforting curries to the levels of fine dining.

4. Casanova – An Italian restaurant where the food transcends the obvious. There’s not a garlic mushroom or a pepperoni pizza in sight. 

5. The Potted Pig – The hottest ticket in Cardiff for years. Pared back classics, an atmospheric bank vault setting and a breathalysing busting selection of gins.

6. Madame Fromage – Dangerously large meat and cheese plates outweigh the often dangerously slow service at this lovely café.

7. Cafe Malaysia – Its interior may be cheap and cheerful but Cafe Malaysia's roti canai and beef rendang are absolutely epic.

8. KBS Kebabs – If I’m eating out in Cardiff after midnight then chances are I’ll be noshing on a kebab at KBS. Winner of the 2010 WKD Cardiff Golden Kebab award, their kebabs are so good I’d happily eat them sober.

9. Hang Fire Smokehouse - As far as I'm concerned, Hang Fire is the only place in Cardiff to go for BBQ. Brisket, pulled pork, ribs and wings are all smoked to perfection. They recently opened their first bricks and mortar restaurant in Barry (just to the west of Cardiff) and it's an absolute stunner.

10. Bar 44 Tapas, Penarth - Ok, so it's not Cardiff but it's pretty darn close. Bar 44 is worth the short car journey any day of the week. Just make sure you order their croquettas...

Updated - 30/03/2013 - With the closure of Punitha's (one of the restaurants in my top 10), I think now is a good time to update my list. In fact, I might try and do so on a more regular basis...

Updated - 30/06/2013 - Hang Fire added to the list.

Updated - 28/11/2013 - Cafe Malaysia added to the list.


  1. A wide spectrum of eateries there. Potted Pig is made to sound like it's been around 'for years', while it opened only last year. Pier 64 and Thai House are two serious omissions that spring to mind.

  2. @anonymous - Thanks for commenting. Looking back over my wording, I can see how my description of the Potted Pig might be a bit ambiguous. I intended it to mean that it's the hottest new restaurant in years. Didn't include Thai House as even though I enjoyed it, I much prefer the others on the list. Also, I haven't visited Pier 64 but it's high on my to do list. It might make my next top 10 when I reach 200,000 page views!

  3. Pier 64 is worth a visit. Maybe mint & mustard in cathays too...? Delish!

    1. Sorry, also your list is brill, I'm new to Cardiff & will try out your recommendations! Thanks!

    2. Thanks! I'm a big fan of Mint & Mustard too. Amazingly, I still haven't got round to visiting Pier 64.

    3. Fish at 85- absoloutely sublime!

  4. RE: Cafe Malaysia. I couldn't agree more. I popped in on the off-chance looking for something less commercial and a little different to other offerings in the area. I had no expectations (VERY understated place) and was rewarded with a lovely meal. It may have helped that I didn't have any knowledge prior to walking in off the cuff. I had the fish curry (with chilies) and an iced coffee. No frills nice food, just the way I like it. (Nice site, will work my way through. Happy eating all)

  5. I would recommend cafe minuet in the castle arcade and especially the James Bowman pasta dish....only open at lunch, it is do good!! Also Mirchi on city road, a fantastic Indian and lastly The Malsters pub in Llandaff. Best pie ever.

  6. You guys should also try The Crispy Duck! Excellent Asian food on Whitchurch Road. The beef teriyaki is to die for!

  7. i must get out more as i havent heard of 9 on your list lol so where is the best place to start

    1. @Anonymous - I'd say Hang Fire or Bar 44. Enjoy!