Monday, 16 July 2012

The North Star - Searching for Cardiff's Best Burger

The North Star’s burger has been hyped up to me more than any other. Only this morning, someone was telling me that after extensive research their friend had concluded the best burger in Cardiff belongs to the North Star and that I must try it.

It’s lucky then that on this occasion I was able to reply that I’d already tried it. Here’s my verdict…..

The Burger – The North Star 10oz Gourmet Beef Burger

1. How was the patty? Well done yet moist, well proportioned and well charred. The patty lacked a little seasoning making it a touch bland.

2. How was the bun? A fresh soft seeded bun. Very good but it could have been improved with a gentle toasting or steaming.  

3. How was the other stuff in the bun? Oozing mild cheddar, crisp bacon, a couple of leaves of lettuce and a 
slice of tomato; a well balanced quantity of extra bits in proportion to the bun and patty. Pots of ketchup and mayo were provided for me to slather on the bun.

 4. How were the fries? Brilliant - some of the best chips to be had in Cardiff. Crisp, thick cut chips with a fluffy interior.

5. What was the price? On the lunch menu it’s £5 including chips. On the dinner menu it’s £7.95. On a Sunday evening it’s a stupidly cheap 2 burgers and chips and 2 house drinks for £10. Bacon and cheese are a supplement of £1 each.

6. How were the sides? A couple of crunchy, acidic gherkins cut through the fattiness of the burger and chips nicely.  

7. What about the other food? Mrs G ordered an excellent club sandwich (£5); plenty of crispy bacon, moist chicken, fresh salad and mayo on toasted bloomer. It was supposed to come with homemade crisps but we were able to sub them for chips at no extra cost.

8. How was the service? Excellent

9. So what's the verdict? The North Star’s burger is very good. Sadly, there are a few minor details which stop it being excellent.  It’s not Cardiff’s holy grail of burgers so the search continues. Saying that, I’ll certainly be heading back to sample another one on a Sunday evening. In fact, I’m also in training for their Man v Food 45oz version served on a Wednesday……….

Update - On a more recent visit, my minor quibbles with the North Star burger have been rectified. The bun is now toasted and the seasoning of the patty has improved. 

I've previously reviewed a full meal at The North Star - HERE 

The Details:
Address - The North Star, 131 North Road, Cardiff, CF14 3AE
Telephone - 029 2062 1736

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