Saturday, 9 November 2013

KBS, City Road, Cardiff - The Cardiff Kebab Quest

Regular readers of the blog will know I’ve got a whole lot of love for KBS.

Ever since falling in love with their kebabs after my first drunken late-night visit, KBS has been one of my favourite places (to eat) in Cardiff.

Perhaps, there’s an element of blind loyalty at work – after all it was my Cardiff kebab first love, my high-school doner sweetheart.

However, you don’t win a WKD Golden kebab award or become one of the Daily Star’s top 10 UK kebab shops for nothing…

At first glance KBS looks exactly like a run of the mill kebab shop.

However, look beyond the blindingly obvious, and there are a few telltale signs which expose the magic at work.

Firstly, there’s a tandoor oven in the corner for making fresh bread.

Secondly, the elephant’s feet look in rude health instead of in danger of extinction.

Lastly, there are people actually ordering food at normal human mealtimes… families, students, coppers and taxi drivers come alike. KBS’s business isn’t only the 2am visit of shame.

In fact, Mrs G and I made the trip to KBS for a romantic meal for 2 last Friday night.

The kebab – Super Mixed kebab - £12 (serves 2)

Meat – A silver salver festooned with flame-licked herby lamb kofte, tender chicken and lamb shish, unctuous chicken doner and soft, spiced lamb doner magical mystery meat.

Bread – Two excellent, freshly cooked flatbreads – crisp and soft in equal measure.

Salad– An obvious yet fresh selection of cucumber, lettuce, onion, carrot, tomato and cabbage. Darn it, I’ve realised I forgot to ask for any pickled chillies.

Sauce – Your choice… we went for a trio of slightly sweet & slightly fiery chilli sauce, a cooling yoghurt-based mint sauce and a romance-killingly potent garlic sauce.

The verdict – KBS serve stellar kebabs. Granted, there are other places on City Road where you can enjoy excellent kebabs in more rarefied surroundings. However, if you’re just after meat, bread, salad and sauce then look no further than KBS; in my mind it’s the archetypal kebab shop. 

The details:
Address - KBS, 242 City Road, Cardiff, CF24 3JJ 
Telephone - 02920456545
Web -


  1. hey goz - i think our kebab cycles have finally come into sync - e and i went to mangal on friday and very nice it was too. i am yet to be convinced of the glory of the doner through....

    1. Ha ha! By any chance are you going for another kebab tonight too? Can't beat lamb doner meat - have you tried Efes 2's on Great Portland st? Apparently it's all about ordering their taxi drivers' special from the takeaway entrance.

    2. Went there tonight, and agree, amazing place!

    3. @Liv - Awesome, glad you liked it!