Sunday, 24 November 2013

Nata & Co, Portuguese bakery, Splott, Cardiff food blog

Nata & Co has serious pastry pedigree – their baker has a family business back in Lisbon which has been dishing out tarts and cakes for decades.

Having launched in Cardiff a year ago, this Portuguese bakery has been selling their carbohytreats from a stall at Splott Market and supplying the cafes and delis of the ‘diff too.

Now, they’ve opened their own cafe on Clifton Street in Splott. 

Their coffee is the robust continental type and their pastries are the shove-them-in-your-cakehole sort.

Whilst perched at a stool in the window, I sampled a pillow-soft donut filled with wobbly custard as well as a bobby-dazzling pastel de nata (custard tart) – the layers of flaky pastry cradling more of the caramelised golden good stuff.

Wanting to buy ALL the sweet stuff to takeaway, I showed restraint and plumped for a light coconut brioche, a coconut tart, a supremely crisp almond and coffee pastry and a glace fruitcake.

Unsurprisingly, everything was lush and at around a pound a pop per pastry, it’s cheap too.

Nata’s has a pretty uber-looking bread display as well.

Having got my gnashers around one of their sourdough loaves at home, I can confirm they taste just as they good look.

The details:

Address - Nata & Co, 118, Clifton Street, Splott, Cardiff CF24 1LW
Telephone - 07455337053


  1. Hi all, I'm afraid that is no longer Nata and Co's contact number.

    Please always call 07455337053 and you will get to Filipe (owner and Master Baker)


  2. I did a "double-take" on those small egg (custard?) tarts. Where I have I seen their like before? The answer is that identical looking tarts are a favorite of the locals in Hong Kong and Macau, the latter a Portuguese colony until mainland China reasserted its sovereignty a couple of decades ago. They are also here in Bangkok and elsewhere in Thailand. And which colonial country do you think sailed from Europe and reached southeast Asia in 1498? Yes, you've guessed it, Portugal. Such is the movement of gastronomy across the globe...

    1. Interesting! I wonder if the British egg custard tart was influenced by Portuguese cuisine?