Sunday, 1 December 2013

Himalaya, Wellfield Road, Roath, Indian restaurant review

Having reached 500,000 page views on the blog, it’s time for a spot of self-indulgence – a return to the scene of the crime of my first blog post, a tipsy midnight curry on Wellfield Road.

3 years of blogging later and much has changed for the better in Cardiff’s dining out scene. In fact, pretty much all of the most exciting places in the ‘diff have emerged in the last couple of years; .CN, Purple Poppadom, Potted Pig, Bar 44 (Penarth) and Hang Fire Smokehouse amongst others have signalled Cardiff's independent restaurant revival. 

Even, the Himalaya has improved…

Well, they’ve spruced up their interior and gone all posh.

However, the rest is reassuringly familiar.

It’s still packed out at midnight on a Saturday night - the dining room buzzing with the slurred conversation of drunken revellers.

The food is the same too - inexpensive, average high street curry which is elevated to a magical status after a handful of pints.

Poppadoms were warm and crisp and served with mango chutney, onion salad, mint raitha and a spicy red sauce of unknown extraction.

Onion bhajis (£2.50) were diminutively dimensioned but crisp and grease-free. I shouldn’t complain about their diddy size, after all it’s questionable whether I should have even been eating a 3-course meal after midnight anyway.

Sizzling nawabi chicken (£6.95) was as I remembered it - tandoori chicken strips, minced lamb, onion and coriander in a medium-spiced sauce. Oh yeah… and don’t forget the slick of ghee.

Half and half (£2), one of Wales’s national dishes, was as expected - fluffy boiled rice and crisp bought-in chips.

Having finished my food and the meals of 2 my other friends and with a few pints already sat in my stomach, I was nigh on ready to explode. 

So, the prospect of a wafer-thin mint was sadly declined.

The details:
Address - Himalaya, 24 Wellfield Road, Roath, Cardiff
Telephone - (029) 2049 1722
Web -

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  1. Sunday and Monday night buffets are great. Consistently good food!