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---- Update 14th March 2016 ----

Anatoni's has been refurbished and renamed Da Mara. Their contact details remain the same and they've also got a brand new custom-made Neapolitan pizza oven.


That’s not an oven… THAT’s an oven.

The Neapolitan style wood-fired pizza oven at Cyncoed based Italian restaurant, Anatoni’s, is a serious bit of kit.

Sitting proudly at the back of the restaurant, it operates at nearly 500°C and can belch out a margherita pizza every 90 seconds.

Pizzas are what Anatoni’s are all about, but the starters en route also impressed.

Two gargantuan sharing platters (£8.95) were excellent value for money. Yielding parma ham, fat flecked salami, charred peppers, nutty parmesan, soft and herby pizza bread, and a well dressed green salad topped with serviceable mozzarella and meaty black olives covered the tabletop.

A single piece of tomato and mozzarella bruschetta (£4.95) was less remarkable in flavour and value; it was tasty enough but paled in comparison to the sharing platters. 

And then the pizzas arrived…

A crisp, chewy crust, ├╝ber thin base and a light tomato sauce were all on the money.

My ham and mushroom pizza (£9.95) was loaded with a huge quantity of tender meat, bronzed mozzarella, soft fungi and a good scattering of oregano. The only minor drawback was the quantity of mushrooms meant the middle of the base quickly went a bit soggy.

Mrs G’s quattro stagioni (£12.95) was equally well topped with olives, artichokes, ham and mushrooms.

Our friends rated their pizzas too. A salame e caprino (£12.95) was topped with sweet roasted peppers, salami and tangy goats cheese.

A Neapolitan calzone (£12.95) was generously stuffed with ricotta, mozzarella and salami. 

Without even seeing the dessert menu, in my mind I’d already ordered the homemade tiramisu (£4.95). Gently boozy, light and not too sweet, this comforting dessert was everything it should be.

A nutty and gooey brownie (£4.95) worked well with three scoops of immensely creamy stracciatella ice cream. However, I suspect the brownie was bought-in.

Lastly, a lemon sorbet (£3.95) was sharp with an ice cream like creaminess.

So, the food at Anatoni’s was great but not without it’s minor flaws. 

But, here’s the clincher - it’s bring your own booze with no corkage.

On a midweek night we drank a couple of bottles of wine between the six of us whilst a solitary businessman on the neighbouring table got involved and cracked open a 4 pack of Carlsberg.

Anatoni’s wood-fired pizza oven is a beacon in Cyncoed’s culinary desert. I’d go back in a flash.

The Details:

Address - Da Mara, 25 Clearwater Way, Cyncoed, Cardiff CF23 6DL
Telephone - 029 2076 5419

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  1. Amazing food and good service! I'd recommend to anyone who loves a traditional italian pizza!