Wednesday, 17 May 2017

The Patricia, Jesmond, Newcastle restaurant review

From the moment I first read about the Patricia, I could tell it was my kind of restaurant.

Firstly, the place has got the same name as my mum.

Secondly, everything on the menu sounds far more interesting than the norm.

Instead of steak and chips, they’ve got 40-day dry aged Belted Galloway sirloin with soft polenta & bitter leaf salad.

Instead of ham and melon, it’s charentais melon with salame toscano and castelfranco.

I like the dining room with its moody lighting and dark burgundy walls. But, I'm not sure I’d want to hide away in the darkness on a summer’s evening.

Perfect crisp and tangy sourdough got things off on the right note. I could tell from the bread that we were in safe hands.

A snack (£4) was the best thing I ate all dinner - thin slices of fried sourdough and an ooze of the funkiest of epoisses cheeses were balanced out with a couple of sweet and tart preserved cherries.

Starters were very good.

A pot of smooth and creamy chicken liver pate (£8) was topped with a punchy layer of madeira jelly. It was lovely slathered over a slice of sweet brioche toast.

My starter was a tasty as it was ugly. Bronzed brussel sprouts (£7) and a sweet red onion jam were blanketed in a hyper savoury and creamy parmesan cheese sauce. It was indulgently rich but very well balanced.

Onto mains, and a confit chicken thigh (£20) was soft of flesh and crisp of skin. It was accompanied by fresh turnip tops, stock rich lentils and sweet Datterini tomatoes.

Slow-cooked lamb (£22) was packed with flavour but a touch dry. Uber-herby salsa verde, soft Jersey Royals and sweet roast peppers completed a lovely plate.

Desserts knocked it out of the park.

Pear and almond tart (£7) combined thin crisp pastry and a light almond frangipane with a compellingly chewy top and tender pieces of fruit. 

A plate of chocolate mousse (£7) was a mound of rich delights. Rich, silky, not too sweet mousse was joined by crunchy hazelnuts for texture, juicy and tart preserved cherries and a knockout salty blob of miso caramel.

I really enjoyed dinner at The Patricia - the food and service were both lovely. However, I'd be interested to see how the menu and dining space changes with the seasons as it felt a little wintry even in the middle of April.

The details:

Address - The Patricia, 139 Jesmond Road, Newcastle NE2 1JY
Telephone - 0191 2814443
Web -

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