Saturday, 10 November 2018

Bertha's, Bristol sourdough pizza restaurant review

The difference between a serviceable pizza and an excellent pizza comes down to the fundamentals.

It’s all well and good serving a modish range of seasonal pizza toppings. But, if your crust is doughy and tomato sauce tastes sweeter than jam then you’re on a hiding to nothing.

All the key details at Bertha’s Pizza in Bristol’s Wapping Wharf are bang on point, especially their beautifully blistered and airy sourdough crusts which are made using dough fermented over a number of days.

And they also serve a super interesting range of pizza toppings from first rate suppliers like Bristol Cheesemonger and the Ham & Cheese Company.

Basically, they’re onto a massive winner.

The downstairs space in the restaurant is dominated by a beauty of a Steffano Ferrara pizza oven. I wonder if Bertha’s name was inspired by the similar looking factory machine from the 80’s children’s TV series?

All the pizzas we ordered were damn delicious.

My two favourites were a Zucca (£12.80), topped with nutty and not too sweet butternut squash puree, melty mozzarella, fiery ’nduja and metallic basil. 

And a Kimcheese (£12) topped with mildly spiced house kimchi, super savoury Devon blue cheese and mozzarella. 

A Sausagefest (£10.50) combined fennel-thwacked balls of house sausage (which would have benefited from a twist of salt), thinly sliced red onion, light tomato sauce and heaps of shaved Parmigiano. 

Last up was a delicious vegan option, The Woods (£11.50) - topped with a mound of garlicky mushrooms, lubricating tangy onion chutney and the crunch of smoked almonds. 

On the side we ordered a pair of crust dips (£1 each) a honkingly garlicky aioli and a fragrant lemon and basil number.

Bertha’s is ace. From their killer crusts to their unique toppings and friendly service, they’ve got everything on point.

The Details:

Address - The Old Gaol Stables, Cumberland Road BS1 6WW
Web -
Telephone - 0117 929 0003

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