Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Melur, Edgware Road, London, Malaysian restaurant review

A delicious cheap eat just a short walk from Paddington Station is a handy tool in the arsenal of any London to South Wales commuter waiting for a train back to the promised land.

Step forward Melur, an unassuming subterranean Malaysian and Indonesian restaurant on Edgware Road. If it wasn’t for a recommendation from Marina O’Loughlin then there’s no way it would have been on my radar.

Enticing dishes on the menu include lamb satay, nasi lemak, beef rendang and gado-gado (all of which were recommended by MO'L) whilst there’s also an Indonesian rijsttafel for a very good value £11.90.

There was only one starter I was ever going to order, roti canai (£4.90). The buttery, elastic and flaky bread was the second best example of its type I’ve had in the UK (after Roti King, natch). Served with a bold spiced curry sauce dip, the bread was let down by a few little bits of slightly tough dough. 

A chicken kari laksa (£8.20) was a cauldron of hot and fragrant spice. The soup bobbed with al dente egg noodles, fresh beansprouts, fluffy fried tofu and slightly non-descript chicken breast pieces. This was a proper bowl of comfort food. 

I had a delicious, quick and cheap bite to eat at Melur. If you’re killing time waiting for a train back to Wales then I recommend a visit.

The Details:
Address - Melur, 175A Edgware Road, Paddington, London W2 1ET
Web -
Telephone - 020 7706 8083

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