Saturday, 7 December 2019

Market Hall West End, London review

Oxford Circus will never be the same again. Amazingly, it’s now somewhere I would gladly choose to visit without a cattle prod held against my neck.

You see, the team behind Market Hall Victoria have recently opened Market Hall West End, the UK's largest food hall with over 1,000 covers, 11 traders and a rooftop bar.

I didn’t have a chance to fully take in its scale as Mrs G and I made a beeline straight for the scran. Vendors include Pleasant Lady jiang bing (savoury crepes), Breddos’ Super Tacos, Flank’s Good Birds fried chicken and Baozi Inn dim sum.

Mrs G and I kept it light with four dishes to share; I’m always thinking about my beach body, even in November.

A pair of HotBox St Louis pork ribs (£10) were absolutely belting - dark and well-seasoned of bark, they were beautifully smokey and tender with a nice level of fattiness. Accompanied by barbecue sauce with essential acidity and a light and crisp slaw flecked with red chillies, you got a lot of bang for your buck. 

A Hakata Ramen Katsu sando (£9.85) from Yatai was surely designed to look beautiful on Insta’. But, it more than delivered on the flavour front - in fact, it was the best thing we ate.   

Lightly toasted pillowy white sliced was loaded with an uber-tender crisp-crumbed pork cutlet glazed with a sticky and savoury concoction. Mayonnaise, pickled daikon and a runny yolked egg completed this ludicrously good sarnie. On the side there was a bonus bit of glazed slow-cooked pork, a bowl of top notch pickles and citrusy chilli powder. 

I couldn't go to a Market Hall and not order roti canai (£7.95) from Gopal's Corner. Whilst is was excellent, it wasn’t quite as fabulous as their other versions I've eaten. The crisp, flaky, buttery and elastic rotis were a touch on the dense side. They were joined by a yielding fleshed and spice heady chicken kari which was a very good dip for those breads. 

Dessert didn't let the side down. A giant slab of tiramisu from Stevie Parle’s Pastaio was light, creamy and chocolatey with layers of soft sponge drenched in a dreamy mix of Kahlua and coffee. 

Market Hall West End is the kind of place I love to visit. You can try a bunch of well-priced delicious things in an informal and fast-paced setting. The emergence of street food markets has been one of the best things to happen to eating out in the UK in the last few years.

The Details:

Address - Market Hall West End, 9 Holles St, Marylebone, London W1G 0DB

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