Saturday, 20 June 2020

Chez Vous Grady, Cardiff French meal delivery

Over the last twelve months, Grady Atkins has re-established himself as one of Cardiff’s most highly-regarded chefs with his Paysan residency at Bloc Coffee.

With the prospect of social-distancing making Paysan no longer viable, Grady recently launched Chez Vous Grady, a dinner delivery service firmly rooted in the hearty classics of French cooking. In the future he plans to evolve the business into private cheffing and a web-shop of dishes.

For now, Chez Vous Grady offers five course meals for two for £75. You email Grady for date availability and with dietary requirements and your your menu is announced the week before it's socially-distanced delivered. Only minimum reheating is required with most courses taking a few minutes to prepare and the longest twenty minutes. 

Slices of coarse, earthy meaty country pate were accompanied by richness balancing pickled turnips and spruce tips. It was a very good pate but would have perhaps benefitted from a bigger pop of seasoning. 

It was lovely slathered onto thick hunks of rosemary-flecked crusty white loaf.

A pair of plump salmon boudin were light textured, big in salmon flavour and studded with pieces of fresh fish. They bobbed in a deep-flavoured, mint-fragranced vegetable broth studded with sweet garden peas.

Tender brisket in a meaty and glossy red wine sauce and a rare fillet topped with piquant salami butter were the lead players in a hearty main. Wilted greens, golden baby spuds, soft sweet beets and heritage carrots were delicious supporting characters.

A Ty Caws cheese selection comprised tangy, citrusy hop-coated Worcester hop, airy and creamy Rosary goats, and oozy, salty and funky Baron Bigod. 

Buttery caramelised digestives and short nutty oatcakes were so good I never want their shop bought siblings to pass my lips again. 

Fragrant gooseberry and rhubarb compote combined well with the Rossalin and digestives to make a killer cheesecake approximation. It was less successful with the other stronger cheeses. 

A fraisier cake was a feat of engineering and tasted every bit as impressive as it looked. Some of the many components of this cake-trifle hybrid included elderflower syrup soaked sponge, set vanilla custard, strawberry mousse, strawberry jelly, elderflower jelly, strawberry pieces and chocolate coated honeycomb. Woof.

We only managed half in one sitting. The next day’s leftovers were pretty special. 

A bonus dish of freshly podded borlotti beans with a nice bite to them were bathed in a tomato sauce laced with the umami hit of parmesan. Combined with hunks of leftover bread and black pudding, it made for a killer fry-up the next day. 

Chez Vous Grady combines big flavours, hearty portions and technically accomplished cooking. If you're looking for a decadent meal delivery then Chez Vous Grady is the one.

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