Saturday, 6 February 2021

Hills Burgers at Home, Wales burger delivery review

I'll keep this brief, after all how many words can I write about a burger?

Actually, on second thoughts, a burger this good deserves an essay of its own.

The burgers from Hills in Brecon are firmly established in Wales’s A-list. I visited them back in April 2018 and was seriously impressed. But, with every new eye popping Instagram post, their towering burgers look like they keep on getting better and better.

As an hour’s drive up to Brecon for a burger isn’t exactly a quick round trip, I was rather ecstatic to see they’d started selling at home burger kits a few weeks ago.

They go on sale on Mondays and sell out in a matter of minutes. Kits serve two (£18) or four (£36) and they also do vegan hot dog kits (£18). You can double up on your patties for £3.50 - note that a single Hills burger is actually a double and a double Hills burger is therefore a jaw-dislocating quadruple.

Everything you need to fix up a pair of gargantuan burgers is included in the kit from buns, ground Welsh beef, toppings, and sauces to Hills branded parchment so you can show off your creations on the ‘Gram.

The cooking instructions require everything to be brought together at the last minute; it’s like conducting a beef orchestra, but the resulting symphony is worth the frenetic arm waving.

The sturdy yet pillowy toasted and steamed Alex Gooch challah bun is stuffed with two seriously juicy, fat rich bronze crusted patties and topped with a huge ooze of creamy and tangy Monterey Jack and American cheese. Crisp, salty, sweet and savoury parmesan topped honey and soy bacon, meaty beef dripping confit onions and tangy burger sauce complete the decadent stack.

The burgers from Hills in Brecon are a seriously indulgent and messy delight. If you're looking for a burger dialled up to 11 on the flavour scale then I heartily recommend Hills at Home.

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