Saturday, 20 February 2021

Friends in Knead, Cardiff and Barry craft bakery review

It’s fair to say that over the last twelve months I’ve eaten a lot of baked goods.

From pies and pasties, to cakes, croissants, tarts and quiches, I’ve inhaled it all.

One pastry purveyor who has supplied me with more carbs any other is Friends in Knead in Roath. 

Owned, by Ceri Johnston Bower, the brains behind the brilliant Early Bird, it’s a working bakery and shop which is open seven days a week from 8am to 3pm. They also do handy local household deliveries via their website and have second branch in Barry Goodsheds.

On weekends you’ll often find a queue outside as it’s one household at a time. But, it’s always worth the wait. 

Their doughnuts are as good as it gets. Supremely light, soft and squidgy, the line-up of fillings change on a monthly basis. Flavours we’ve enjoyed include coco pop cereal milk (an uncanny likeness to its namesake), chocolate orange ganache, banoffee custard, cinnamon custard and pistachio custard. 

Dirty bins are always a crisp yet soft laminated treat. The golden flaky rolled croissant dough is stuffed with either biscoff or chocolate hazelnut. 

Queen buns are regal in appearance and flavour. Crown shaped croissant dough is filled with a changing roster of delights.Their almond frangipane stuffed queen is a perennial treat whilst a belting January special, the Boston Cream Queen, was filled with silky vanilla bean creme diplomat and dipped in rich and sticky chocolate ganache.

Their bakewell tart is one of my favourites too. What’s not to love about beautifully thin pastry, intense tart raspberry jam and sweet frangipane? It also happens to be vegan. 

Friends in Knead’s bread certainly doesn’t let the side down.

Their honey and rye sour is a must buy - soft and slightly sweet of crumb, it’s enjoyably different to the usual sourdough. 

Their buttery, sturdy and not too sweet brioche baps are the ideal vehicle for massive hunks of protein whether it be Smokestak pulled pork or ersatz Korean style chicken.

Finally, if you’re in need of grocery items they sell a range of top notch Welsh produce. A top tip, if you haven’t tried Caws Teifi’s halloumi yet then you need to rectify that as soon as possible. It crisps up like no other.

You can probably guess that I’m a bit of a fan of Friends in Knead. Next time you’re looking for a carb hit, get involved.

The Details:

Address - Friends in Knead, Roath Garage, Moy Road, Cardiff CF24 4EB

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