Saturday, 5 December 2015

Aron's Jewish Delicatessen, Bristol cafe review

’Tis the season of comfort food. Of stews and stollens, pies and soups, faggots and dumplings, Toffifee and Turkish Delight.

Over the next few months I plan to eat a lot of calories.

A few weeks ago we checked out Aron’s Jewish Deli in the Redland area of Bristol. Inspired by New York’s Jewish delis (except the service is a lot more friendly here), Aron’s menu follows the Ashkenazi Jewish tradition of Eastern Europe - think chicken soup, deep-fried potato latkes, chopped liver and baked cheesecake.

Essentially, proper comfort food.

Excellent Soda Folk root beer (£2.20) and homemade bottomless celery soda (£1.90) wet the whistle. 

This is the first time I’ve encountered celery soda in the UK - one of my favourites, it balances light sweetness with the fragrance of celery.

Tragically, there was no chicken soup the day we visited. Thankfully, a bowl of superb Sólet (a Hungarian stew with meat as the main ingredient - £9.50), more than made up for it. Pieces of smoked beef short rib, duck leg, smoked turkey, egg, pearl barley and beans were topped with slices of tongue.

A 6oz Reuben was very good (£12.70) - butter grilled rye bread was filled with layer upon layer of blushing pink salt beef, creamy Russian dressing and an ooze of swiss cheese. Accompanying potato salad and and lightly pickled red cabbage and green tomatoes were bang on. 

The main event however, the beef, could have been a touch more tender as a knife and fork was needed. 

For dessert we shared a couple of cakes from Aron’s impressive selection of baked goods.

Super moist honey cake (£3.25) was coated in an intense golden crust. 

Meanwhile, Flódni (£3.50) was deliciously unique - golden layers of pastry, spices, apples and plum jam, chocolate and walnut paste and poppy seed paste were all in there somewhere.

Lunch at Aron’s was delicious - if you’re looking for the flavours of a New York Jewish deli without flying over the Atlantic then this is the place to nosh.

The Details:

Address - Aron's Jewish Delicatessen, 19 Chandos Rd, Bristol, BS6 6PG
Telephone - 0117 973 7165


  1. I'm really sorry your salt beef didn't cut the mustard. As you probably realised we make our own and earlier on we made one or two batches that weren't up to scratch. We have a consistently good product now and I hope you'll give us another try if you're in Bristol.
    Otherwise thanks very much for the review. Best wishes Steve

    1. @Steve - I most definitely look forward to visiting again! Great to hear you're now consistently happy with your salt beef. Best wishes, Ed.