Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Flour & Ash, Bristol pizzeria review

I have a confession to make. I originally wrote this blog post a year ago and it’s been languishing in my saved drafts ever since.

But, a few weeks ago I revisited Flour and Ash in Bristol. And their wood-fired sourdough pizzas were still just as awesome as on my first visit. So it seems like an opportune time to dust off the old post with a few updates.

When I visited the first time, I kicked off with crisp slivers of salty cotechino sausage (£5.50) perched atop earthy stock-rich lentils and a dollop of sweet apple sauce.

On my second visit, luxuriously creamy burrata (£5) combined with sweet roast pears, a good drizzle of honey and hazelnut dukkah spiked with aromatic cumin seeds.

Pizzas are what Flour & Ash are all about and they absolutely kick ass - the well-risen, speckled cornicione and the thin base with just the right level of sag and chew are both on the mark.

Creamy mozzarella, meaty portobello mushrooms, light tomato sauce, metallic basil and thick cut roast ham (£13.50) was a well executed, classic combination of flavours.

One of the finest pizzas (£14) I’ve ever eaten was topped with deep, deep unctuous ox cheek and red wine ragu, an indulgent silky bechamel and salty grana padano. It was so good that I ordered it on my second visit too. 

An ’nduja marmalade topped pizza (£13) was ferociously spicy. The unctuous sausage was cannily paired with a plump egg and pieces of richness balancing cavolo nero.

A side of fresh mooli shavings (£3), creamy and salty feta, and fiery slices of bird's eye chilli was a prince among side salads.

For dessert, Flour & Ash offer a selection of homemade ice creams and sorbets (£3 a scoop). They’re almost as special as the pizzas.

Chocolate was indulgent but not to sweet with a good level of bitterness. A creamy lemon variety was flecked with buttery and tangy globs of lemon curd. 

On the drinks front, beers from Wiper & True and Arbor were top drawer – Bristol’s breweries are really smashing it out of the park.

Flour & Ash was exceptional on both of my visits. And, they do a pre-6.30pm deal where you can have any pizza for £9. I'd recommend checking it out.

The Details:

Address - Flour & Ash, 203b Cheltenham Road, Bristol BS6 5QX
Telephone - 0117 908 3228

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