Saturday, 29 September 2018

The Lazy Leek, Cardiff vegan burger bar review

I can tell how good vegan food is when I don’t stop to think “this would taste even better with a bit of meat or cheese”.

This was exactly what happened whilst chowing down on a burger and fries from The Lazy Leek.

Located in Pontcanna’s King’s Yard, The Lazy Leek serves a compact range of vegan burgers and sides from their shack on Thursday to Sundays. 

If you pitch up on a Friday or Saturday you can have a damn tasty Pipes beer whilst you wait for your food to be prepared. I had a half of zingy lemon and lime Berliner whilst Mrs G had a hoppy Session IPA. 

There’s also plenty of outside seating; just make sure you wrap up warm.

As we were fairly late in the day, a few of the menu options had sold out. Therefore, we ordered everything that was left. 

First up it’s worth saying how good The Lazy Leek’s burger buns are. I’d expect nothing less from the award-winning Alex Gooch (who solely makes vegan bread I’ve just discovered). His demi-brioche rolls are slightly sweet, squidgy and yet perfectly robust - ideal for a burger.

An Italian Job (£7) would hold its own amongst Cardiff’s best beef burgers. A crisp crumbed patty was filled with a loosely textured cheesy risotto and uber-garlicky mushrooms. More gooey cheese, a punchy hazelnut and rocket pesto, lemon and basil aioli and refreshing tomatoes completed the ace combination. I had no idea vegan cheese could taste this good. 

A Nacho Libre (£7) was very good but not quite as good as the Italian Job. A coarse-textured bean patty was a touch on the crumbly side but it was lifted by a top drawer range of accompaniments; punchy hot sauce and pickled chillies, fresh pico de gallo with tomato and onion and the crunch of tortilla chips. 

Sides didn’t let the side down. Hand-cut triple cooked chips (£3) were more like skin-on wedges but I’m not quibbling. Brilliantly crisp and perfectly fluffy, they’re certainly in the top tier of Cardiff’s fried potato league. 

Dirty Fries (£6) were even better. A big box of the delicious wedges were topped with smokey barbecue sauce bathed fried mushrooms and melted coconut mozzarella (which had the required filthy American cheese vibe). Freshness was brought to the box by thinly sliced spring onions and a scattering of pickled red chillies. 

The Lazy Leek serve one of Cardiff's best burgers... they just happen to be vegan. 

The Details:

Address - The Lazy Leek, Kings Road Yard, 183A Kings Rd, Cardiff CF11 9DF
Telephone - 029 2022 5270

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