Saturday, 9 May 2020

Kapow Ribs, Cardiff street food delivery review

Crash, bang, wallop, Kapow Ribs is the latest venture from John and Ceri Cook to smash its way onto Cardiff's street food scene.

Cardiff's culinary equivalent of Batman and Robin have added another piece of kit to their entrepreneurial utility belt which already includes Nook, Hoof and Ember.

Ok, now I'll stop over-stretching this metaphor.

Originally teased as a street food stall back in March, recent events unfortunately kiboshed those plans and Kapow has instead launched this week as a delivery service. It's literally street food as the food is brought to your street.

With a concise menu of half racks of bbq ribs (£8), full racks (£14), wedges (£3) and 'slaw (£2), each week's rib drop goes on sale on a Monday evening at 7pm with delivery the following Friday. It's a case of fastest fingers first as I got through on around my tenth attempt. 

Kapow are currently delivering across Cardiff with free delivery on minimum orders of £15. The ribs are delivered cold and packaged up with clear reheating guidelines. We followed the instructions to the letter and everything turned out bang on.

A whopping full rack of ribs was an ideal quantity for two people. You could tell this was quality pork - loaded with meat, gorgeously tender of flesh, full of flavour, gristle free and with just the right amount of fat, they were coated in a sticky, warming and not too sweet barbecue glaze. All that was left when we were finished was a mound of clean bones.

Spiced skin on wedges were golden and properly crisp with a fluffy interior. Half a portion worked well for us but those with larger appetites may prefer not to share.

Creamy and crisp coleslaw had a richness-balancing acidic note which cut through the ribs nicely. I tend to prefer lighter non-creamy 'slaws but it was still very tasty.

We really really enjoyed Kapow. Their food is delicious, the instructions are easy to follow and it's good value too; our dinner for two came to only £19. I'm looking forward to trying their more innovative rib flavours when they're launched in the future. That's if I can ever get through on the phone.

Update - 17 August 2020 - Kapow now has their own website, through which you can buy your ribs and sides. They still go on sale at 7pm on Monday evenings and sell out pretty quickly. 

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