Thursday, 28 April 2011

1 Malaysia, Malaysian restaurant Cardiff review - Gourmet Gorro in brief

*This restaurant is now closed*

Another groupon, another night. This time 1 Malaysia located on Trinity Street in the centre of town. Overall, our meal was a bit of a disappointment. Although the service was charming and swift, our starters were pretty terrible and the mains were enjoyable yet average.

Starter - Sambal Squid - Lovely tender pieces of squid in a light batter. However, the accompanying curry sauce was fridge cold. A pretty unpleasant contrast to the heat of the squid. Also the portion size was pretty measly.

Starter - Soya Puff - Now this is described on the menu as "steamed, deep fried soya bean curd served with our signature plum sauce." This conjoured up an image in my mind of soft pieces of tofu in a deep fried yet puffy batter. However, what materialised is the above. It resembled giant pieces of Cadbury's flake but had the chewy texture of beef jerky, was devoid of flavour and was rather intriguingly served tepid. It definitely ranks as one of the most unpleasant dishes I've ever eaten. The plum sauce that covered the offending articles was in contrast very good and miraculously helped us to stomach most of the plate.

Main - Nasi Goreng - A pretty average but highly pleasant version of this dish. I love it when it comes with a fried egg on top but sadly this version didn't. Well cooked fried rice with a pieces of chicken, prawn, egg and other goodies in it. 

Main - Again a highly pleasant but ultimately fairly average curry. Tender pieces of chicken in fairly dry curry sauce with a decent taste of coconut and lemon grass.

If it wasn't for the starters then perhaps I'd have been more inclined to look more favourably on the main dishes we ate. It's difficult to know when to complain when perhaps the dishes are intentionally served that way and especially when we Brits seem so reluctant to kick up a fuss. Anyway, I don't think I'll be paying another visit to 1 Malaysia which is a shame especially when the service made us feel so welcome.

The details: 1 Malaysia, 22/23 Trinity Street, Cardiff, CF10 1BH, Telephone: 02920233298, Web:

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  1. wow .. its great to have 1 malaysia restaurant :D