Saturday, 30 April 2011

Red Pepper Indian Restaurant and Takeaway, Cardiff Review

Update - Red Pepper has closed. It has been replaced by Mowlana, Persian restaurant
Photo courtesy of official website. Let me know if you want me to take it down.
It must take a bit of balls to open a new takeaway in Cardiff during these recessionary climes. I seem to get a different menu through my door each day and normally file them under BIN after glancing through them on the toilet. About a month ago I received a menu for the Red Pepper Indian takeaway which has recently opened on the edge of Splott, just off Newport road. Its menu caught my eye because it had an array of special offers on it which seemed more ridiculous than most. I’m normally pretty narrow-minded in my takeaway repertoire but resolved that I’d give it a punt on one of the many nights when Mrs G was working nights. Tonight was the night.

The offer I decided to plump for was their takeaway special which is available for collection orders only. £7.95 will buy you a couple of papadums with chutney, a choice of any starter, any main dish and any rice or naan bread. Their dine in offer is even more ludicrous; any time, any night of the week £8.95 will buy you papadums with chutney, any starter, any main, any rice and any naan.

Quite a lot of food for me to eat
I must admit I was pretty sceptical about how the quality and portion size of the food was going to be but my fears were allayed somewhat when I arrived at the restaurant to pick up my order. The restaurant is simply yet tastefully decked out and I had a good chat with the manager whilst waiting for my order to be brought out. He explained that business has started fairly well and that he’s trying to drum up business mainly through putting menus through doors and generating word of mouth. There was no mention of online promotion so here it is!

Overall the food was very enjoyable yet predictable as far as neighbourhood curry houses go. I’d most certainly give Red Pepper a go if you’re looking for a new local takeaway or restaurant. Papadums tasted fresh and crisp. A starter of mixed kebab was also pretty good - crisp, well spiced bhajees, fresh salad, a decent raitha, tender chicken tikka and a fairly average shish kebab. A main of Tandoori Maharaja massala was packed full of spiced minced lamb and chicken tikka, all brought together in a spicy yoghurt sauce. If I’m being honest I’d have liked a little more spice in the dish but I’m sure they'll accomodate this request this next time. 

It's a mixed kebab
Unsurprisingly its curry with rice and some papadums
The details: Red Pepper, 2 Four Elms Road, Roath, Cardiff, CF24 1LE


  1. Ooh - this is just around the corner from us; at the moment we still make a regular pilgrimage from Adamsdown to Cathays for Balti Cuisine takeaway. Will be trying this out on our next curry night! Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. Let me know how you get on. As you can gather I've only sampled a couple of dishes off the menu. It's so cheap it's gotta be worth a try though!