Saturday, 26 January 2019

Bwydiful, Victoria Park, Cardiff burger review

It’s great to see independent Welsh restaurants, suppliers and traders working together. 

Whether’s it’s Cheese Pantry using Milgi’s kimchi in their toasted sandwiches or Dirt enlisting Pettrigew Bakery and Cocorico to make their tarts and chocolates, collaboration helps brilliant local businesses raise their game together.  

Victoria Park’s Bwydiful clearly embraces working with local suppliers. This newly opened burger bar namechecks suppliers which include next door neighbours Pettigrew Bakery, Canton’s Crafty Devil brewery, Monmouthshire’s Preservation Society and Newport’s Parc Pantry. 

With a bright and simple interior and concise menu, Bwydiful is equally well suited for a quick bite to eat or an extended beer and burger session. 

We kicked off with a couple of lovely Crafty Devil beers - light, hoppy and easy drinking Mikey Rayer (£3.95) and an Orange Juice Blues (£3.95) brewed with orange juice and a good hit of hops (it was a bit like a turbo-charged radler). 

A pair of sides were delicious. 

Golden onion-flecked mini hash browns (£2.95) were served with a tangy and fiendishly spicy mango sauce. 

Halloumi fries (£5.45), with a super crisp and golden exterior and a properly melty interior, were probably the best I’ve had. They were drizzled with punchy chimichurri and joined by a pot of thick sweet chilli jam. 

Onto the burgers and I’ll get my quibble out of the way first. 

There’s no doubting that Bwydiful’s ciabatta buns sourced from Pettigrew are a fine example of their type - they’re soft with loads of big air bubbles. But, our buns were served cold and I’m sure would have benefitted from a light toasting. Even still, I’m not fully convinced that the chew of a ciabatta is well suited to a burger, especially when Pettigrew also make such good demi-brioche buns. 

Everything else about our burgers was very tasty including the coarsely ground, well-seasoned patties served a juicy well done.  

A caws caws (£9.45) was topped with an ooze of Welsh rarebit with a big savoury and mustardy hit and a squeeze of Preservation Society barbecue sauce. 

The classic (£8.95) was loaded with a slice of first rate thick cut maple cured bacon and the tang of melted cheddar. 

Dessert was a warm Parc Pantry oreo-flecked brownie (£5.95) with a good hit of chocolate and a commendable goo. It was a lovely brownie and even better served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of white chocolate sauce. 

We enjoyed our meal at Bwydiful - service was super friendly, the sides were excellent and the burgers tasty. Add another bun option on the menu and I reckon they’d be onto even more of a winner.  

The Details:

Address - Bwydiful, 589 Cowbridge Rd East, Cardiff CF5 1BE
Web -
Telephone - 029 2056 8332

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